Jun 16, 2020

OKIAAI Board Minutes 6/16/20

Date: Tuesday, June 16, 2020
Time:  10:20 a.m.
Location:  Edmond Fire Training Facility, Edmond, OK

Call to order by President

Made by President Bill Hollander

Roll Call

PRESENT: Bill Hollander (Pres.), Chris Woodall (1st VP), David VanBuskirk (Past Pres.), Jeremy Robbins (3rd yr), Tim Reeves (2nd Yr.), Todd DeSmet (2nd yr), Jonathan Wilk (1st Yr.), Jim Wilhelm (1st Yr.), Renee Southerland (Secretary)

ABSENT: Ashley Stephens (2nd VP), Fred Henderson (3rd Yr.), Neal Moore (Treasurer)

Reading and Approval of Minutes

Motion was made by David VanBuskirk to forego the reading and approval of Minutes, seconded by Jeremy Robbins, Motion carried / approved.


Only one new member paid, Adam Taylor, who is a Captain/Investigator at the Union City Police Department.  Motion was made by Jeremy Robbins to accept his membership, seconded by Todd Reeves.  Motion carried /approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Per a text from Neal Moore, prior to the meeting beginning, he advised there was $13,918.32 in the bank account.  It was noted that it was less than the amount Neal had provided the prior month.  This could possibly be a web expense.  Bill Hollander will check Neal concerning the difference in the two amounts.  Motion was made by Jeremy Robbins to approve the amount, seconded by Tim Robbins.  Motion carried / approved.  


No reports


  • Todd DeSmet discussed removing the personal emails off the website since a spam email had been sent to a few of the Board members. It was discussed to be a personal choice for the removal of your phone number and email off the website. Todd DeSmet and David VanBuskirk wanted their emails and phone numbers removed.  Jim Wilhelm needs his City email added and the other one taken off.  Chris Woodall needs his business name changed from Rimkus to Jensen Hughes. Renee will contact Dan VanBuskirk to make these changes.
  • David VanBuskirk advised that he has not yet given Dan the pictures for the website from last year’s conference because the pictures will have to be changed in format in order to be added to the website.  Bill Hollander stated we needed to set a dollar figure for Dan to do that.  Tim Robbins made a Motion to pay $300 to Dan to add the photos.
  • Chris Woodall stated we needed to modify the Motion and provide Dan $1,000 annually to update the photos.  Todd DeSmet wanted to know what Dan’s hourly charges were.
  • Tim Robbins asked if we had voted previously to keep maintenance ongoing and Chris Woodall suggested a $1500 a year maintenance for Dan.  Tim indicated we needed a website to work and be maintained, therefore a Motion was made to pay Dan up to $1500 per calendar year for maintenance and upkeep, seconded by Chris.  Motion carried and approved. 

Annual Conference

  • Chris Woodall discussed how it was important that everything needed to get accredited and all the paperwork needed to be turned in as quickly as possible. 
  • Chris Woodall has Jerry Back nailed down.  He needs a half a day to speak.
  • Jonathan Wilk indicated one of the Edmond Fire guys has connections with Bob Howard to make sure a new electrical vehicle can be at the conference.  
  • Jeremy Robbins was trying to use his contact with IAA but is not getting a return call, so Chris Woodall stated he would go by IAA in person to see what he could find about getting a burned electrical vehicle at the conference. 
  • Todd DeSmet with also check with Gina Coleman regarding a burned electric vehicle.  She texted back during the Board meeting stating she did not know of one at this time.
  • The scheduled tentatively is as follows:
Tripp Wagner
Jensen Hughes
Will speak on 921

Drew Paris
Jensen Hughes
Will speak on 1033

Bill Cathcart
Will speak on legal issues on 921 and 1033 

Dave Hallman
Will speak on case studies
Jerry Back
Jensen Hughes
Will speak on lithium/ion and EVs (4 hours)

Hands on training(afternoon)
Jason Albano
Mental Health 
  • Get all speaker materials to Todd DeSmet by July 16th for OID.  (And to Ashley for CLEET and Chris for oBA)
  • We need Dave Hallman CV and Bill Cathcart CV and an outline from both of them for 15-minute increments and any power points they might have.
  • Renee to send Albano’s presentation that he did last year to Todd DeSmet, Ashley Stephens and Chris Woodall.
  • Discussion was had concerning a hotel being a back-up plan and possibly a Webinar.
  • CLEET is not waiving any continuing education credits for this year.
  • Chris Woodall set a meeting with the hotel manager about the rooms and back-up plan which we are to go to the hotel after the meeting.  The hotel confirmed with Chris they have to provide food at the event and there could be no outside food.  We could possibly rent a suite to have hospitality to provide our own food and alcohol.  (After the Board meeting we did go to the hotel and they are fully booked for October for conference rooms and suites, but they would block 50 rooms at a rate of $104 a night and two breakfast buffets would also be included for free for each booked room.  They are sending info to Chris)
  • If we did end up with a webinar, we would need a link to print the final forms to get credits from CLEET, OBA, and OID.  But the plan is to go forward in person.
  • Renee Southerland to go ahead and do an email blast.
  • As for promotional items, David VanBuskirk checked on an iPad bag which was $99 but could probably get the cost reduced.  He will check with Neal Moore for a 511 contact person.
  • David VanBuskirk also suggested a clip-on light.
  • Midwest Trophy could possibly do our logo in patches for the iPad bag if that is the route that is taken.
  • Jeremy Robbins will also check on patch costs with Velcro on the back.

Old Business

  • Bill Hollander stated he has not heard from Neal concerning any new account being set up with Arvest. 
  • Chris Woodall advised there is no update yet about our 501(c)3 being reinstated.

New Business

Renee Southerland advised the ad cost with OSFA is $50, but that the first monthly advertisement would be free.  Remaining monthly issues would be $50 for a business-sized card.  Discussion was had that it seemed somewhat expensive for that size of ad.

Next Meeting

Wednesday, July 15, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. at the Edmond Fire Training Facility, in the actual conference room.  (If things change, then we could possibly have it at Cathcart & Dooley, which Renee Southerland will check with Bill Cathcart.)