Oct 2, 2019

OKIAAI Board Minutes 10-2-19

Date: 10/2/19
Time: 10:00 a.m.
Location: Hard Rock Casino, Catoosa

Call to Order by President

President David VanBuskirk made the call to order.

Roll Call

Present: David VanBuskirk (Pres.), Bill Hollander (1st VP), Chris Woodall (2nd VP), Jim Wilhelm (3rd Yr.), Jonathan Wilk (3rd Yr.), Fred Henderson (2nd Yr.), Jeremy Robbins (2nd Yr.), Todd DeSmet (1st Yr.), Tim Reeves (1st Yr.), Neal Moore (Secretary Treasurer), and Renee Southerland (Executive Secretary).

Absent: Ashley Stephens (Past President), Jeremy Robbins (2nd year)

Reading and Approval of Minutes

Bill Hollander made the motion to forego the reading of the minutes from September. Seconded by Chris Woodall. Motion carried / approved.

New Membership

Will be determined after the conference is conducted.

Treasurer’s Report

Neal Moore has a balance of $15,431.69
Plus $600.00 (Vendors)
Plus $1,500.00 (Oklahoma Farm Bureau’s sponsor)
Plus $900.00 (NAFCO)
Available Balance: $18,431.69

Neal Moore has requested Bill Hollander to check to see who is getting the $900 NAFCO donation, whether it is our organization or Burn Camp, so that check will not be deposited until that has been determined. Fred Henderson made the motion to accept the balance, seconded by Tim Reeves, motion carried/approved.

Annual Conference

  • Mike McGee – will stay three nights
  • If vendors want to be on website, they need to send their logo
  • Make sure all speakers are confirmed
  • It is okay for Donnie Howard to attend all of the conference of the speaker
  • Add to the conference evaluation where they heard about the conference
  • It was discussed whether or not to go ahead and give the t-shirts to the attendees along with the duffle bag. It was voted on and the majority ruled to give the t-shirts out
  • It is okay to give the award check with the photo awards during the conference and not mail them out afterwards
  • An email will be sent out three days prior to the conference concerning the gun policy and that there is free valet parking
  • We advised Marianne 100 would attend the conference and to prepare for that amount for the food
  • Scott Rodgers will give a donation and Todd DeSmet will get the check from him
  • The day before the conference begins we need to organize a sack of thank you items for all of the vendors as well as the speakers
  • At the conference, every transaction needs to be done on square
  • Tim Reeves got a Pete Rose Baseball signed and is also providing a cornhole game to be raffled
  • As for the two prosecutors of the year – two designs were picked from the catalog for Renee Southerland to choose
  • As for a lifetime aware, it was voted on that Mark Mitchell would receive this. Chris Woodall made a motion to accept that nomination. Seconded by Fred Henderson, motion carried / approved
  • There needs to be a write-up for Mark Mitchell
  • We need two 3rds and a second Vice to run
  • For those attendees who also paid a membership fee on top of the conference fees, they will get a $20.00 bill refund at the conference
  • Photo awards were voted on and Jesse Benne received first place accidental and Travis Rider received second place for accidental.
  • Todd DeSmet will get the OID continuing education sign-in sheets
  • Ashley Stephens will get the sign-in sheets for CLEET and the Bar Association
  • Order long-sleeved shirts for day 2 of the conference with Midwest Trophy

A Motion was made conclude the meeting by Bill Hollander, seconded by Tim Reeves, motion carried / approved – no new meeting date set.