Aug 10, 2017

OKIAAI Board Minutes 7-19-17



Date: 7/19/2017

Time: 10:20 AM

Location: Stillwater Community Center

Call to order by 1st Vice President


Roll Call (Bold Italic = Absent)


Scott Winford (Past Pres),  Jeff VanDolah (Pres), Ashley Stephens (1st VP),

David VanBuskirk (2nd VP), Chris Woodall (3rd Yr.),  Dan Salts (3rd yr),

Bill Hollander ( 2nd Yr.),  Fred Henderson (2nd yr), Tommy Scott (1st Yr),

Stan Smith (1st Yr), Heather Stanley (Executive Secretary), Neal Moore (Secretary/Treasurer)


Special Guest:


Reading and Approval of Minutes:  Motion to forgo reading and approve minutes by Tommy Scott and seconded  by Stan Smith. Status = Approved unanimously


New Membership: None


Treasurer’s Report: Neal Moore reported balance of $12,245.87.  Motion to approve report by David VanBuskirk  and seconded  by Tommy Scott. Status = Approved unanimously


Committee Reports

Annual Conference: Ashley advised he has blocked rooms at Holiday Inn Express at daily rate of $94/night.  He has reserved the Tahlequah Community Event Center 1041 N. Grand Ave. free of charge but we will have to purchase coffee and any refreshments from them. We will set it up with long tables and seating for 130.  Parking on the north side.  He will get details on coffee, water and donuts and look into lunch options.  He is still looking into the golf course.  The agenda has been set with Steve Linehan, Ashley Stephens, Mark Swafford & Brett Henson, Blair Ward, Curt Collins and Derek Hill presenting. The conference will be in Tahlequah October 25-27, 2017.

Chris will work on a new template for a name tag/membership card combination for this year’s conference.

Chris Woodall and Stan Smith are working to set up a vendor alley.

He is working with the Cherokee Nation to try to obtain some give-aways.

Burn Camp Raffle: suggestions are Yeti cooler, electric smoker, gun, Pelican light


Merchandise: Notebooks will be hunter green and grey/white.  Neal will contact 5.11 for give-away options.

David presented the idea of a mesh hat with OKIAAI printed on it to either give away or sell.

Ashley presented the idea of a 1400 lumen flashlight to give away.


Regional Conferences: None


Nominating: Board will work to obtain nominations for next month’s meeting.


Awards:. None


Membership: Heather Stanley reported 114 current members


CFI: Nothing to report.


Website:  Tommy continues to do updates. Conference Agenda  is on the website and Heather will send conference email to members.


Report from the Executive Secretary: None


Report from Secretary/Treasurer: None


New Business: Stan is putting together the application for vendor alley.  Board members get addresses/emails to Stan of potential vendors.


Next Meeting:  August 22, 2017

Location: Tulsa Fire Headquarters

Time: 10 am


A Motion to Adjourn was made by Scott Winford  and Seconded by Neal Moore.

Status = Approved unanimously

adjourned at: 11:06 AM