Apr 22, 2020

OKIAAI Board Minutes 4/22/20

Date: April 22, 2020
Time: 10:00 a.m.
Location: Via Zoom Conference Call

Call to order by President

Made by President Bill Hollander

Roll Call

Present: Bill Hollander (Pres.), Chris Woodall (1st VP), Todd DeSmet (2nd yr), Jonathan Wilk (1st Yr.), Renee Southerland (Secretary), Neal Moore (Treasurer), Ashley Stephens (2nd VP), Fred Henderson (3rd Yr.), Tim Reeves (2nd Yr.)

Absent: David VanBuskirk (Past Pres.), Jeremy Robbins (3rd Yr.), Jim Wilhelm (1st Yr.)

Reading and Approval of Minutes

Tim Reeves made Motion to forego the reading of March minutes, seconded by Ashley Stephens, Motion carried and approved.


One member applied: Anthony Reed. Neal Moore made the Motion he be accepted, seconded by Chris Woodall, Motion carried and approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Neal Moore advised $14,002.20 was in the account.  A discussion was had about $1,000 going to the Billy Magalassi Foundation, formerly called the Brandon Magalassi Fund.  Ashley Stephens will check on this.  Ashley made the Motion to accept the Treasurer’s report, seconded by Todd DeSmet, Motion carried and approved.




David VanBuskirk had called Renee Southerland to make sure it was okay to get the photos to Dan VanBuskirk to add to the website. A discussion was had that this was already approved in the past for David to do this.

Annual Conference

  • Chris Woodall sated at this point the conference is up in the air because there is a lot of public jurisdictions cutting back, but still everyone needs continuing education.  At this point he did not want to cancel the conference, but he is not sure when things will clear up due to the Covid situation.  Chris is trying to catch up with speaker information and will go ahead and move forward as if we are having the conference.  Chris advised he knows already of some conferences that are cancelled all the way to September.  However, we may have to consider not doing a conference at all.  
  • Neal Moore advised we need to be cautious about deposits and money being spent to guarantee rooms as he does not want to do this if we are without conference funds.  If we move forward, we need not to write checks for anything if possible.  There are issues with people that might not want to come or might not be able to come.  
  • Renee Southerland advised there might be some hotels that would be willing to give a better deal and not have to put money down due to the current situation, so that needs to be checked into.  Further, the Edmond Fire Training facility is going to be free so that would not be a conference cost.  
  • Chris Woodall advised we could send out a Survey Monkey to all of the current members stating due to Covid and the Board considering all factors, we would like to know who would come and who would not come and that we would be willing to keep them informed.  
  • Bill Hollander advised that Albano would still like to come and he would like to have a Friday speaking spot at 9:00 a.m. 
  • Chris Woodall advised we might have a potential issue of getting all the speaker materials in time to be turned in to CLEET, ODI, and MCLE for continuing education credits and approval. 
  • Neal Moore advised if we do move forward we need to reach out to speakers immediately to see if they would commit and then send out an email blast.  
  • Tim Reeves suggested to do the survey in June or July.
  • Ashley Stephens advised that CLEET and MCLE will be quick for the accreditation process, but ODI might not be as quick and may need their information sooner than later and Todd DeSmet will check on this.  
  • Chris Woodall advised it would still be best to have all documents in by August and any of the Board members that are working on speakers to call them immediately.  Chris advised the majority of the people that were speaking where those that he is lining up and that we should probably have the survey to the members done sooner than later.  
  • Ashley Stephens advised that with Survey Monkey, the basic plan is free with 100 responses and there is an additional cost for more than 100.  Ashley will check on how to get this set up so Renee can send out a survey the third week of May.  

Old Business

  • Todd DeSmet mention that Travis had received an Honorable mention from the National IAAI for his photograph that he submitted and won at our last conference, but it was rescinded because Travis was not a member of this National organization.
  • Neal Moore has not made any bank changes yet.
  • In reference to the 501(C) 3, Chris Woodall advised that the lady helping said that the IRS office had been closed and once they re-open she would check with them again to get us reinstated.  Chris was not optimistic as this is not on their high priority list, but he will be maintaining contact with her.

New Business


Next Meeting

Tuesday, May 19, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. by Zoom.

Ashley Stephens made the Motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Chris Woodall.  Motion carried and approved.