Feb 19, 2019

OKIAAI Board Minutes 2-19-19

Date: February 19, 2019
Time: 11:00 a.m.
Location: Oklahoma Farm Bureau, 10777 South Memorial Drive, Tulsa, OK

Call to order by President: President David VanBuskirk made the call to order.

Roll Call: The following were present:David VanBuskirk (Pres.), Bill Hollander (1stVP), Jonathan Wilk (3rdyr), Fred Henderson (2ndYr.), Todd DeSmet (1stYr.), Tim Reeves (1stYr.), Renee Southerland (Executive Secretary)

Special Guest: None

Reading and Approval of Minutes: Tim Reeves made the motion to accept the Minutes from January 2019, seconded by Bill Hollander, approved unanimously, motion passed.

New Membership: Unknown at this time as the 2018 Conference spreadsheet needs to be compared with past members spreadsheets to determine the new members and what their member numbers will be.

Secretary/Treasurer’s Report: Neal Moore provided the present balance to David Vanbuskirk: $17,165.23 in the account. Motion to approve was made to accept the balance by Jonathan Wilk, seconded by Fred Henderson, approved unanimously, motion passed.

Scott Crow contacted Renee Southerland to get his member number, however, no member numbers were given at the 2018 conference for the new attendees. She will be matching up any new members, compared to old spreadsheet member and then new member numbers will need to be decided upon for those individuals. That can be discussed at the March meeting.

Committee Reports: None

Annual Conference:

  1. Establish dates – David VanBuskirk updated the website with information coming soon about the conference which has tentatively been scheduled for October 23rdthrough 25th.
  2. Location – It was discussed about the possibility for the conference to be at Camp Gruber near Muskogee in order to do the post-blast conference, however, after much discussion about the length of the time of this type of conference it was decided to scratch the post-blast idea and have speakers at the conference instead. Todd Desmet suggested a digital/electronic=s theme. The following was discussed as to who would call whom to try to get speakers:
  3. Todd Desmet – will call Mike McGee with Unified (as he is a forensic lock expert), Michael Manni with Capital Investigating, and Mark Wenthold with NICB out of Pennsylvania.
  4. David VanBuskirk will call Barry Graham, Arson Investigator with ATF, and will call one of the analysts with the OSBI concerning GPS positioning. It was also suggested to have someone speak about drone and CSI reconstruction with GPS.
  5. Renee Southerland will contact Harvey Pratt who is a retired OSBI forensic artist.
  6. Bill Hollander will contact Dr. Bill Albanco, a Chemical Neuro Psychologist.
  7. Jonathan Wilk will contact the State Insurance Commissioner=s office as he has a contact with someone who could speak at the conference.
  8. Bill Hollander will contact Dave Walker with homicide at Tulsa Police Department
  9. Todd ? – (Forgive me, I cannot remember who suggested this) – will contact Sticks Larson of the Gang Unit (who does Live PD) for Tulsa Police Department
  10. Todd Desmet suggested adding our website link to the IAISU website link so that they could have access to conference information. He also suggested we get the email list from the State Insurance Commissioner=s office of all of the adjusters to add to the email blast list.
  11. As for the Conference, Bill Hollander will check with River Spirit Casino in Tulsa for the cost to have our conference there and any rate reduction in the rooms.
  12. David VanBuskirk will check with the Osage Casino for the same thing. Jonathan Wilk will check with Tulsa Community College concerning their facilities for the conference as they also have a cafeteria and next door is the Tulsa Fire training ground which a car could be burned there if decided.
  13. Conference survey – N/A

Regional Conference: Ashley might do a post blast seminar.

Nominating: N/A

Membership: Current membership count – 85 attended the last conference in October 2018.

CFI: No information provided


  1. Updates made – Updates were made to the home page and info re: the Board members.
  2. Updates still needed in other areas.
  3. Website platform update from Dan VanBuskirk- Need Dan to revise the platform with the website which will take 3 to 4 hours and approximately $300 to $400. A motion was made by Fred Henderson for Dan to fix the platform with a budget of up to $500.00, seconded by Tim Reeves, approved unanimously, motion passed.
  4. Conference website updates will be added.

Old Business:

  1. Membership renewal, November 1st– It was decided that membership renewal would begin November 1stthrough October 31stof the following year, or at the Conference if that is when membership is paid.
  2. Select 2 delegates for the International IAAI – Tim Reeves will be going, but one more delegate needs to go. If you are interested, let David VanBuskirk know.
  3. Photo award money – The first and second place awards information was given to David VanBuskirk to discuss with Neal Moore about the photo award money needing to be sent to Stangl & Zalewski. Neal Moore will supply the amount for the burn camp that Cathcart & Dooley needs to match. (He later did and it was $900). Cathcart & Dooley will be requested to send funds to match the amount.
  4. Past President plaque– It was decided upon to take the plaque back to Midwest Trophy to have them re-laser all of the other past labels to the present laser font they had used for this past year so it would all look the same. Marci Straw, with Midwest Trophy, advised they would do this for free since the last plate had been done by laser and not by etching as all of the past plates were done. (This plaque was taken to Midwest Trophy on Friday morning, February 22, 2019.)
  5. CLE Credits– David VanBuskirk has texted Jeff VanDolah concerning the status of getting the 2018 conference credits approved by the OBA for the lawyers that attended.

New Business:

  1. There is a Vance AFB firefighter who wanted more information regarding the Conference and the National Fire Accreditation and Ashley Stephens is responding to him.
  2. It was discussed for a $100 gift card to gift to Janice Menser for preparing the email blast list of the fire departments in Oklahoma. This motion was made by Fred Henderson and seconded by Todd Desmet. The motion was approved.
  3. Items (T-shirts, ball cap, bags, etc.) were brought by Renee Southerland that were donated by Midwest Trophy (with the OKIAAI) logo to be purchased for the upcoming conference. It was discussed that since not all members of the Board were present that we would bring back those items next Board meeting to discuss once again.
  4. As for donations, Tim Reeves (?) now has a football with the Heisman Award Winners=signature and trying to get Coach Switzer to give two tickets to a football game.
  5. Bill Hollander suggested putting an article and conference information in the OSFA newspaper.
  6. Motion to adjourn made by Bill Hollander, seconded by Todd Desmet. Meeting adjourned.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, March 26, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. at Tulsa Farm Bureau, 10777 South Memorial Drive, Tulsa, Oklahoma.