Oct 27, 2023

OKIAAI Annual Minutes 10/27/2023

Date: October 27, 2023 
Time: 10:59 AM
Location: Hard Rock Hotel & Casino,  

Call to Order: Made by Past President Ashley Stephens

Roll Call: Voting for new board positions occurred during the annual conference October 25-27. Nominations were collected, and no elections were necessary, as there were less nominations than positions. The nominations for open positions were filled, and the VACANT position will be appointed by the board in the next regular meeting.

Present AbsentPositionNew BoardPrevious Board
PresDavid VanBuskirk Ashley Stephens 
1st VPSteve Rhodes David VanBuskirk 
2nd VPGina Coleman Steve Rhodes 
3rd yr.Marc SutphinHeather Cropper
3rd yr.VACANTJesse Benne
2nd yr.Chad Oubre Marc Sutphin
2nd yr.Johnnie SawyerGina Coleman
1st yr.Heather CropperChad Oubre 
1st yr.Matthew MeredithJohnnie Sawyer
TreasurerJonathan Wilk Jonathan Wilk 
SecretaryJesse BenneRenee Southerland
Past Pres.Ashley Stephens Chris Woodall

Reading of previous minutes: A Motion was made by Chad Oubre to forgo the reading of the previous meeting minutes. Seconded by Johnny Hoffman. Motion approved and carried.

Report on new applications for Membership Officers Report: In 2022, total membership was 121 members. For 2023 we have 38 new members added for a total of 147 members. 

A motion was made by Matt Merideth to accept the membership report. Seconded by Gina Coleman. Motion approved and carried.

Report of committees: No Committee reports.

Business from the floor called for by the chair: No Business from the floor.

Treasure’s report: Johnathan Wilk stated after all bills paid, checking balance is $24,718.25. Last year ended with $9127.77. In addition, we raised $3,092 for the Oklahoma Burn Camp. 

Ashley Stephens made a motion to increase the amount donated to the Burn Camp to the amount of $4,000.00. Seconded by Johnny Sawyer. Motion approved and carried.

Johnathan Wilk made a motion to make a donation in the amount of $1,000.00 to the Magalassi foundation We Matter Suicide Campaign. Seconded by Mark Sutphin. Motion approved and carried.

A motion was made by Hugh Gram to accept the treasure’s report. Seconded by Steve Rhodes. Motion approved and carried.

Old Business: No old business.

New Business: No new business.

Motion to Close: A motion to close the meeting was made by Jesse Benne. Seconded by Heather Cropper. Motion approved and carried. 

Next Meeting: To be determined once new board has had a chance to communicate.