Sep 22, 2022

OKIAAI Board Minutes 9/22/22

Date: September 22, 2022
Time: 10:06 a.m.
Location: Grand Casino, Shawnee, OK

Call to Order

Made by President Chris Woodall

Roll Call

Absent at Meeting: Jonathan Wilk (Treasurer)

Present at Meeting: Chris Woodall (Pres.), Ashley Stephens (1st VP) Todd DeSmet (2nd VP), Tim Reeves (3rd yr.), Steve Rhodes (2nd yr.), Nick Nadeau (3rd yr.), Gina Coleman (1st yr.), Marc Sutphin (1st yr.), Bill Hollander (Past Pres.) Jesse Benne (2nd yr.), Renee Southerland (Secretary)

Reading and Approval of Minutes

Tim Reeves made the motion to forego the reading of the August minutes, seconded by Todd DeSmet, motion carried and approved.


Four members requested membership: Sara O’Connor, American Farmers and Ranchers; Roger Joines, Choctaw Nation; Michael Ellis, ONG; and Corey Morris, OSBI. All members were approved but requested that Sara O’Connor submit a membership application since she only submitted payment for the conference.

Treasurer’s Report

Since Jonathan Wilk was absent, he provided a verbal account balance of approximately $10,000.00 to Chris Woodall, and that amount was questioned at the meeting since the bank statement that was provided by email the day before did not have a total balance and almost $7,000.00 had been received from vendors and sponsors and several thousand from membership conference payments.

A Motion was made by Marc Sutphin to approve the verbal Treasurer’s Report through Chris Woodall, seconded by Tim Reeves, motion carried and approved.


No CFIs to report.


It was requested that the agenda online be revised just to say “lunch break” and not “lunch buffet provided” since that is up in the air, and Renee Southerland will have the agenda revised and sent to Dan VanBuskirk to add to the website. 

Annual Conference

  • At this point, Krystle Ross came in to discuss possible food options for the conference. She also advised that at this point we have one free room for three nights and that is obtained for every 35 rooms that are booked. She advised that the buffet lunches would remain the same price as what was on the menu as the year before. Last year she was able to do the buffet for half price since the food court was not open and the casino buffet had closed. Since the food court is now open, she can provide vouchers that we can use or do a buffet through catering. A discussion was had concerning food costs, review of the menu, and the coffee cost. Tim Reeves made a motion to only provide coffee each day of the conference up until noon as coffee can be obtained for free out on the casino floor. Marc Sutphin seconded the motion, motion carried and approved.
  • Ashley Stephens advised the credits for CLEET would be 22 hours and OBA would be 20.5 hours. Todd DeSmet advised 18 continuing education credits have been approved by the Department of Insurance.
  • Marc Sutphin advised that he confirmed the Honor Guard would attend the conference.
  • Gina Coleman is working on getting someone with pipe and drums to appear.
  •  Steve Rhodes advised Tulsa Police Department and not Tulsa Fire Department has
    the Pipe and Drum Corp.
  • Marc Sutphin advised that rooms have been booked for the Honor Guard, and four
    individuals are coming from that team.
  • It was discussed to spend $1,500.00 towards food and alcohol for hospitality night
    and to provide each person with a $15.00 voucher for both days of the lunches and not do a buffet. Tim Reeves made a motion to accept both of these options, as well as coffee on consumption of the mornings, seconded by Todd DeSmet, motion carried and approved. At this time, it was requested that Gina Coleman get with Krystle Ross for the food options for hospitality night.
  • Renee Southerland advised she would pick up two baskets for all of the alcohol that the members are providing for the two raffle giveaways.
  • It was discussed who would be the spokesperson for the raffle items, and Ashley Stephens advised he would handle that.
  • Set up for the conference would be on Tuesday, October 18th, beginning at noon and to have lunch in the food court before setup begins.
  • A discussion was also had concerning who would be leaving the Board and what positions would be open. At this point Tim Reeves, Bill Hollander, and Nick Nadeau will not be on the Board next year so those board positions will be open.


Chris Woodall advised we will have to completely start over to obtain a 501(c)3 and will have to resubmit our request to the IRS. Chris Woodall requested that Renee Southerland search the thumb drive for any information whatsoever about 501(c)3 and to provide that to him, which she will do.

Old Business


New Business


Next Meeting

The next meeting will be at the annual conference. A motion to adjourn was made by Bill Hollander, seconded by Ashley Stephens, motion carried and approved.