Oct 3, 2016

OKIAAI Board Minutes 9-13-2016

Date: 9/13/2016

Time: 10:11 AM

Location: OSU Forensic Science

Call to order by 1st Vice President

Roll Call (Bold Italic = Absent)

Gary Dill (Past Pres)  Scott Winford (Pres) Jeff VanDolah (1st VP)

Ashley Stephens(2nd VP) Bill Hollander (3rd Yr.) Tommy Scott (3rd yr)

Chris Woodall ( 2nd Yr.)  Dan Salts (2nd yr)  David VanBuskirk (1st Yr)

Fred Henderson (1st Yr), Heather Stanley (Executive Secretary), Neal Moore (Secretary/Treasurer).

Guests: None

Reading and Approval of Minutes: Motion to forgo reading and approve minutes by Ashley Stephens and seconded by Gary Dill. Status = Approved unanimously

New Membership: None

Treasurer’s Report: reported balance of $8,364.60.  $1691.04 is pending in PayPal.  Motion to approve report by Gary Dill and seconded  by Bill Hollander Status = Approved unanimously.

Committee Reports

Annual Conference: conference will be in Tulsa at OSU Forensic Science Center- 1111 W. 17th Tulsa, OK 74107 Room D107. Scott has arranged for Tulsa FD honor guard and Jeff will look into an OSU president for keynote.  Dates will be Oct 26-28, 2016.  John Frucci – Director of IMPEX. Center for Improvised Explosives will be the featured speaker.  Charles Knapp – Haltom City FD will present Arson Task Force training for small communities.

Fairfield Inn and Suites is conference hotel. Limited number of rooms are blocked for $89/night Agenda is currently 2 days of 1033 and 921.

Door Prizes being considered: Knife, Donation by Integrity Fire, Customized Fire Pit.

Smoker will be used to raise donations for burn camp. Drawing end of 2nd day.

Speakers will be given Yetis.

We will provide bottled water, coffee and donuts. Dan may be able to provide the water.

Scott will arrange for ice and coffee pot from the training center.

Neal, Bill and David will bring cofee makers.

Jeff will order and pick up donuts.

Scott and Gary and Bill will provide a cooler.

Heather will create a link of restaurants for website

Scott will check on a map of the facility to post on website.

Jeff will create a test for the course.

Lunch: McAllister’s boxed lunch Wednesday-David will arrange. Rimkus will sponsor $500 of the cost.

Scott and Ashley are still working on instructor for Handling the Mentally Ill Thursday afternoon.

Merchandise: Neal received 5.11 backpacks for conference give-away. He also ordered Black Spiral/orange emblem notebooks w/pen to be given away. 5.11 has provided hats.

Regional Conferences: Rimkus is creating a live burn March 3, 2017

Nominating: None.

Awards: We have 2 submissions so far for photos. 


Heather Stanley reported 244 current members

CFI: None.


Conference updates are posted. Dan added membership renewal form.

Report from the Executive Secretary: None

Report from Secretary/Treasurer: None

New Business: None

Date: October 25, 2016

Location: Tulsa – OSU Forensic

Time: 2pm

A Motion to Adjourn was made by Ashley Stephens and Seconded by Chris Woodall

Status = Approved unanimously

adjourned at: 11:18 AM