May 19, 2022

OKIAAI Board Minutes 5/19/22

Date: May 19, 2022
Time: 10:08 a.m.
Location:  Grand Casino – Shawnee, OK

Call to Order

Made by President Chris Woodall

Roll Call

Present at Meeting: Chris Woodall (Pres.), Ashley Stephens (1st VP), Todd DeSmet (2nd VP), Steve Rhodes (2nd yr.), Gina Coleman (1st yr.), Renee Southerland (Secretary), Jonathan Wilk (Treasurer),

Bill Hollander (Past Pres.) – by phone

Absent at Meeting: Nick Nadeau (3rd yr.), Tim Reeves (3rd yr.), Marc Sutphin (1st yr.), Jesse Benne (2nd yr.)

Reading and Approval of Minutes

Steve Rhodes made a motion to forego the reading and approval of the April minutes, seconded by Ashley Stephens, motion carried and approved.


One new member reported – Steve Davis, Captain at Del City Fire Department – Membership approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Jonathan Wilk advised the balance last month was $18,129.04 and then checks were written to Steve Rhodes and Bill Hollander for reimbursement of attending the national conference, which totaled approximately $5,000.00.  There was also a service charge of $5.00, and Midwest Trophy cost was $119.00 for two awards for this upcoming conference, leaving a current balance of $13,102.04.  Renee Southerland then provided a check to Jonathan Wilk from Stephens Engineering in the amount of $500.00 ($300 as a vendor fee and $200 as a sponsorship donation) and also two checks in the amount of $40.00 for dues payments from two members. 

A discussion was had with all board members concerning the cost of going to the national conference each year and whether or not it would be more beneficial to only send one person instead of two since cost could be a factor.  Renee Southerland suggested maybe providing up to a certain amount for two people to go, such as $1,000 each, and that amount would go towards their expenses but not pay the full price of attending the conference.  

A motion was made by Chris Woodall to accept the Treasurer’s Report, seconded by Ashley Stephens, motion carried and approved. 


No CFIs to report.


Dan VanBuskirk added the correct 2022 sponsor and vendor forms to the website, so those are now available if any board member needs to send those out to anyone.

Annual Conference

  • Chris Woodall advised that two people want to sponsor at our conference and one of those is Analytical Forensics, a private fire investigation company, but he could not recall the other company at the moment.  Bill Hollander advised he sent the form to AF as well.  
  • Renee Southerland will be sending the blast to Danny Wells and Integrity Forensics in Texas. 
  • Ashley Stephens advised the agenda should be done by June.
  • Todd DeSmet advised he needs the speaking materials to turn in to OID no later than August 1st.
  • Jonathan Wilk advised he talked with the Department of Corrections and apparently there was some confusion when he placed his order last December that they thought we wanted the items “donated”.  He confirmed we would be paying and that we had paid $1,000 last year.  She advised Jonathan she would try to keep the cost at $1,000 this year and that the order for the grill, fire ring, and glider have now been placed.  
  • Bill Hollander had also spoken with her and helped get the ball moving in getting our order placed as well.
  • Renee Southerland asked if it was okay to order additional stickers since all of them were given away last year and everyone agreed.
  • Marc Sutphin’s email stated that he could order flashlights as giveaways to the members for $46.00 each and a discussion was had regarding conference and giveaway costs.  Bill Hollander made a motion to have Marc Sutphin order the flashlights, seconded by Todd DeSmet, motion carried and approved.  Jonathan will get with him to go ahead and have those ordered and Chris Woodall can bring him a check since he works near Marc Sutphin’s office.  
  • A discussion was had as to whether Billy Magalassi was paid in 2021 and Chris Woodall advised he would check the records since he had the past bank statements.  If not paid, we will need to send a check for $1,000 to that fund.  Todd DeSmet advised he had checked with Curtis Ozment about that and Curtis Ozment advised Billy Magalassi had not been paid.
  • Renee Southerland advised she received payment from Stephens Engineering as a vendor and they also provided $200 towards sponsorship, Blackmon Mooring will be sending $300 to be a vendor, and Rimkus paid last year as a vendor but could not attend so they will be attending instead this year since we kept that money and agreed with them to do so.  
  • Krystle advised that she needed a contract signed which confirmed a conference cost for the room of $500 for Wednesday, $500 for Thursday, and $250 for Friday, plus 20% gratuity.  We can set up Tuesday at noon for no additional fee.  She advised food trucks are not an option, but if the food court was not ready, then she would honor doing buffets like she did last year for two days at $12.95 a person plus tax which would end up being about $15 total per person.  She stated coffee was $35 a gallon and she would advise what we consumed last year.  She also confirmed that we would receive one free room for all three nights for every 35 rooms that are booked.  
  • Chris Woodall advised that Dr. Albano would need one night.
  • A discussion was had concerning the board hosting a hospitality night, and Krystle advised the bartender would be $75 and we could do the hospitality by the pool or on the balcony if there’s inclement weather.  There would be no cost for the hospitality room, only the bartender.  She advised that if got a keg it would be $300 per keg.  We then toured the conference room and hospitality areas and decided the pool are would be fine unless there was inclement weather. 
  • A contract was signed and then provided to Krystle and she will email a copy to Renee Southerland, along with the coffee usage from last year.  
  • Jonathan Wilk suggested to lay out a bowl for donations for hospitality night for drinks.
  • Ashley Stephens advised that Jeff Pauley would need to be reimbursed his expenses after the conference.


Jonathan Wilk advised that Chris Woodall has provided all of the documents needed to give to the tax firm and they will now file taxes for the last three years.  We will then have to wait to get our 501(c)3 reinstated and will need to file tax returns each year going forward.

Old Business

Renee Southerland advised that Bill Cathcart has yet to provide his changes to the Bylaws and he will have those ready by the next meeting.  

New Business


Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 23, 2020, at 10:00 a.m.  at Oklahoma Farm Bureau located at 10777 South Memorial Road in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Gina Coleman made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Bill Hollander, motion carried and approved.