Apr 15, 2021

OKIAAI Board Minutes 4/15/21

Date:  April 15, 2021
Time:  10:56 a.m.
Location:  Grand Casino, Shawnee, Oklahoma

Call to order by President

Made by 2nd Vice President, Ashley Stephens.

Roll Call

Present: Bill Hollander (Pres.) – (by phone), Chris Woodall (1st VP) – (late), Ashley Stephens (2nd VP), Fred Henderson (3rd Yr.), Jeremy Robbins (3rd Yr.), Tim Reeves (2nd Yr.), Todd DeSmet (2nd Yr.), Renee Southerland (Secretary), Jonathan Wilk (Treasurer)

Absent: David VanBuskirk (Past Pres.), Steve Rhodes (1st yr.), Jim Wilhelm (1st yr.)

Reading and Approval of Minutes

Jeremy Robbins made a motion to accept the March Minutes.  Seconded by Tim Reeves.  Motion carried and approved.


Currently 107 paid members and no new members since the last meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

Current balance is $13,582.75, which includes a transfer from PayPal, $270.38.  Received three checks to deposit, as well.  Motion made by Ashley Stephens to accept the Treasurer’s Report, seconded by Fred Henderson.  Motion carried and approved.




Dan added the correct wording for payment clarification concerning VISA payments.

Annual Conference

We were able to tour the actual conference area with Events Coordinator, Krystle, where the conference will take place.  Everyone in attendance was pleased with the conference area and amenities.

After touring the facilities through the Grand Casino, the following discussion was had concerning the conference:

  • Jeremy Robbins advised that Gordon Cooper had two places for us to use, the Emergency Services building, and another room that the FMAO had used.  The Emergency Services building was booked for 2021, however, the other room would be available for use in 2022 if we elected to have the conference there.
  • Todd DeSmet advised he still has access to the 2010 Hybrid Ford Escape to bring to the conference. 
  • Jeremy Robbins is asking Hudiburg Chevrolet / GMC dealership to bring two new electric vehicles to the conference.  
  • Chris Woodall advised that as for the conference agenda, he is still waiting to confirm all speakers.  He has missed speaking with Albano on two different occasions, but Albano did text back and say he should be good to speak at the conference.  Chris also has a guy that works for the NFPA that can speak, Trip Wagner.  We can use him or Ashley Stephen’s co-worker, Darren Solomon.  Bill Cathcart can discuss legal.  Chris also had Jerry Bach lined up for last year for EVs, but has had no response from him yet.
  • Todd DeSmet stated he needed the speaking materials to the Oklahoma Insurance Department by August 1st.
  • Chris Woodall advised we could shoot for the end of June deadline to get all of the presentation materials so that we have everything in time to submit to the Bar Association and CLEET, as well.
  • Ashley Stephens advised if anyone knew if Cameron Novak was speaking, as he was brought up at the last meeting by David VanBuskirk.
  • Chris Woodall advised it would be best to have a new vehicle to the conference and Jeremy Robbins stated he is working on this with Hudiburg.
  • Chris Woodall also advised that he wants someone to speak on the McGirt, and Ashley Stephens agreed to speak a couple of hours on that case.
  • It was discussed that we need a battery and EV speakers and maybe a case study regarding Tesla from Kevin Lewis.  Chris Woodall will reach out to him.
  • Chris Woodall advised the schedule so far would be the following: 
    • Bill Cathcart to speak on 921 / 1033 – legal aspects – Wednesday morning
    • Michael Custer – SmartHome fires (Half vehicle and half home)
    • Trip Wagoner – 921 / 1033 changes
    • Ashley Stephens – Speaking on McGirt
    • Need half day for EV fires and hoping to get this information from Jerry Bach
    • Dr. Albano – Mental health – Friday 10/22

Old Business

  • Midwest Trophy advised that the tool bag cost would be approximately $19.95 with the logo embroidered.  We will pend the tee-shirt order until the next meeting in May.
  • Ashley Stephens suggested that before the next conference begins on that Wednesday morning, October 20th, we can make an announcement that photographs will be taken throughout the conference and that anyone did not want their photograph taken to let us know because these photographs will be placed on the website.

New Business

Next Meeting

A motion to adjourn was made by Ashley Stephens, seconded by Tim Reeves, motion carried and approved.