Dec 3, 2019

OKIAAI Board Minutes 12-3-19

Date: December 3, 2019
Time: 10:07 a.m.
Location: FOP Lodge 123, Oklahoma City

Call to order by President

Made by President Bill Hollander

Roll Call

Present: Bill Hollander (Pres.), David VanBuskirk (Past Pres.), Chris Woodall (1st VP), Fred Henderson (3rd Yr.), Jeremy Robbins (3rd yr), Tim Reeves (2nd Yr.), Todd DeSmet (2nd yr), Jonathan Wilk (1st Yr.), Jim Wilhelm (1st Yr.), Renee Southerland (Secretary)
Absent: Ashley Stephens (2nd VP), Neal Moore (Treasurer)

Reading and Approval of Minutes

Chris Woodall made a Motion to forego reading of the October Minutes, seconded by David VanBuskirk, Motion carried and approved.


One new member, Lee Aston

Treasurer’s Report

  • Treasurer’s Report was provided by David VanBuskirk from communicating with Neal Moore.  The balance is $17,057.11, which will be decreased by $5,200 for the donation to burn camp.
  • A burn camp discussion was had about the amount being provided to burn camp and no Motion was made to approve. A Motion was made by Tim Reeves to table this discussion until the next meeting in January when Neal Moore could be present, seconded by Fred Henderson, motion carried and approved.
  • Renee Southerland also received $2,470.00 in checks that will need to be deposited which included the $1,000 donation provided by Bill Cathcart (for his office burn camp donation) and the remainder conference fees that have been paid late. There are still conference fees remaining to be paid and one Board Member’s dues remaining to be paid.

Annual Conference

  • The evaluations from the 2019 Conference were discussed.  Most everyone thought it was a “great” or “good” conference in relation to the location and speakers.  There were comments about not liking the cigarette smoke and some speakers tended to be repetitive and spent too much time on terminology, need it to be simplified.  They would also like handouts to supplement instructors’ presentations and for the instructors to walk around and interact with all students.
  • Speaker topics requested for next conference:  Case studies, more fire investigation related classes, cause and origin, vehicle fire investigations, electrical fires, insurance adjusters and claims explaining our relationship with them and how to get access to their information, how to interview and interrogate, fire pattern recognition, handwriting analysis expert, forensic handwriting examiner.
  • A discussion was had concerning the location of the next conference:  1) the FOP Lodge  ($2,200), or, 2) the Edmond Fire Training Grounds (free) as Chris Woodall can get that location, or, 3) The Reed Center in Midwest City which is apparently owned by the City of Midwest City, and Jeremy Robbins will check on the cost.  
  • Chris also knows the manager at the Hilton Hotel near the Edmond Fire Training Grounds and will check to see what kind of rate we can get for the members to stay there if the Edmond Fire Training Center is chosen. 
  • The possible topics discussed for the next conference by the Board were 1) vehicle fires, 2) 921 and 1033 updates (need Bill Cathcart to speak on this), 3) hands-on presentation of some kind, 4) mental health speaker.
  • The name of Stacy Stevens, mental health speaker, was given to Renee by Cullen Fowler of Rimkus.  Renee will get with Cullen concerning her contact information so that Bill Hollander can call her.  
  • Renee will call Dave Hallman to bring samples of evidence to surround the conference room as demonstrative aides for the conference and bring a 511 catalogue of ideas for giveaways at the next conference.
  • Cullen Fowler advised Renee he will see if Rimkus could sponsor lunch for $1500.
  • NEFCO advised they would do a membership for $300.
  • Gina Coleman with AFR is also checking to see if AFR can sponsor a lunch for $1500.  


Brian Zalewski and Bruce Swearengen received their CFI.  Tim Reeves, Jonathan Wilkes, and David VanBuskirk were identified at the last meeting as receiving their CFI.  


  • David VanBuskirk talked to Dan VanBuskirk concerning changes needed for the website when members pay for dues and for the conference, and Dan needs more specifics and a budget. Chris Woodall suggested that David look at other chapter’s websites and look at their payment platform and advise at next meeting.
  • Fred Henderson will give photographs that were taken at the last conference to David to give to Dan for the website so that we can keep updated photos in place.
  • Renee Southerland to provide Dan VanBuskirk the new conference dates to add to the website.
  • David VanBuskirk suggested putting a photo with the amount of the check given to burn camp on our website.

Old Business

  • Chris Woodall advised we needed to renew our 501(c)3 tax number in order to get better donations.  His wife works for an accountant and they can fix the issue.  Chris will call Heather Stanley to find out if a tax postcard was filed every year.  By the next meeting Chris will advise of the budget which should be about $400 a year to take care of that tax issue.  
  • Jeremy Robbins will check with his father-in-law who is a CPA as well to see what he would charge to do the tax card each year and he will send an email to everyone concerning the cost or advise at the next meeting. 

New Business

  • Bill Hollander has concerns that we need two people on the bank account in case Neal would not be able to provide information or make a payment when needed.  It was discussed that the First Vice needs a bank card so that it can be passed down each year to the next First Vice.  The First Vice can get to the bank account and print statements. 
  • The By-Laws state there should be a financial committee to give a monthly accounting at each meeting and to make changes is by a 2/3rd majority.  The By-Laws also state that the “Second Vice” is to be reviewing the bank statements each month, which in this case is Ashley Stephens, and he would be the head of the Finance Committee.  
  • It is not in the By-Laws, however, that a second person be on a bank card.  Chris Woodall stated it was a good idea, though, for the First Vice to be on the bank card.  David VanBuskirk and Tim Reeves will check into this with Neal Moore.  
  • It was suggested to start a By-Laws list to clarify and address past issues such as this.
  • It was announced that all members need to pay their International dues of $100.  

Next Meeting

Tuesday, January 21, 2020, at 10:00 a.m. at Oklahoma Farm Bureau in Tulsa.

A Motion to adjourn was made by Tim Reeves, seconded by Jeremy Robbins, Motion carried and approved.