Nov 3, 2015

2015 Investigator of the Year

Congratulations to Enid Fire Department Investigators Bill Moss, Mike Shatz, Ken Helms and Kevin Winter

From 2010 through 2014 the Enid Fire Department had several suspicious fires. Specifically 17 fires that were under investigation or the cause was undetermined. One factor tied all of the fires together, that being the location of an individual named Martin Painter, who has had a previous Arson conviction. These fires were all in close proximity to Painter’s residence. In at least two of the fires, a suspect matching Painter’s description was observed at or near the scene. On May 11, 2014, EFD responded to a structure fire at 424 S Grand Ave, a building owned by the City of Enid. Ultimately EFD with assistance from ATF, determined the fire to be incendiary. The EFD investigators obtained surveillance camera footage and identified a individual in the area as none other than Martin Painter. EFD Investigators painstakingly created a timeline through separate video footage chronicling Painter’s movements during the time of the fire. Soon after, EFD/ATF interviewed Painter at his residence and were given contradictory statements regarding the fire. investigators obtained a state search warrant for Painter’s residence. Investigators found a newspaper in the residence. The headline of the newspaper was that of the aforementioned fire. Ultimately Painter was charged and arrested for arson. Painter pled guilty to Second Degree Arson and on January 13th, 2015, Painter was sentenced to twelve (12) years in the Oklahoma Department of Corrections and further ordered to pay $121,030.00 in restitution. If it weren’t for the tireless efforts of the Enid Fire Department, Painter may very well still be setting fires today. The team approach taken by EFD resulted in a successful apprehension and conviction of a serial arsonist. Their selfless efforts and “one team” mentality exemplifies exactly what the Oklahoma Chapter of International Association of Arson Investigators stands for.