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13 Feb 2020

OKIAAI Board Minutes 2/13/20

Date: February 13, 2020
Time: 10:15 a.m.
Location: Oklahoma Farm Bureau / Stillwater, Oklahoma

Call to order by President

Made by President Bill Hollander

Roll Call

Present: Bill Hollander (Pres.), Chris Woodall (1st VP), Jeremy Robbins (3rd Yr.), Todd DeSmet (2nd yr), Jonathan Wilk (1st Yr.), Jim Wilhelm (1st Yr.), Renee Southerland (Secretary), Neal Moore (Treasurer)

Absent: David VanBuskirk (Past Pres.), Ashley Stephens (2nd VP), Fred Henderson (3rd Yr.), Tim Reeves (2nd Yr.)

Reading and Approval of Minutes

Chris Woodall made a Motion to forego the reading of the January Minutes, seconded by Todd DeSmett, Motion carried and approved.


Three new members applied:  Michael Hall, Bruce Russell, Chris Kalapp

Jeremy Robbins made the Motion to approve those three new members, seconded by Jonathan Wilk, Motion carried and approved. Neal Moore requested that the membership applications be passed around for all forms to be initialed by all members for approval, which it was.

Treasurer’s Report

January balance of $17,076.23, January 31st deposit $2,470.00, subtotal $19,546.23; Less payment to Renee for Post Office Box and two shirts reimbursement $156.51.  Subtotal $19,384.72, less burn camp check to be sent by end of February – $5,200.00.  New balance for February – $14,184.72 , less new payment to Dan VanBuskirk of $616.25 = New balance for February – $13,568.47.

Renee will send check to the burn camp and to Dan VanBuskirk prior to the end of February.   Jonathon Wilk made a Motion to approve the bank account balance, seconded by Chris Woodall, Motion carried and approved.  


No new CFI members.


A discussion was had concerning all payments that had been made to Dan Van Buskirk for his work on the website last year and whether or not a new IT company needed to be involved going forward. Chris Woodall advised that we are limited if we use a major company like Go Daddy as throughout the year, we need certain things changed and added, which Dan has been able to do for us very quickly.

It was discussed that the website needs to be changed concerning how membership dues are paid versus conference fees so that we do not have duplicate dues being paid as $20.00 had to be refunded to eight different people at the conference. Most of the people get their membership when they pay for the conference and wait until it is close to the conference time to do so.

There needs to be a sponsor/vendor form on the website for sponsors/vendors to fill out instead of the form being emailed to them.

Chris Woodall suggested Dan be at a future meeting either in person or by phone to discuss IT issues.

Chris Woodall made a Motion to table the discussion regarding the International handling our membership dues on their website. The Motion was seconded by Jeremy Robbins, and the Motion was carried and approved.

Jonathan Wilk stated he might be able to call Chris VanFleet about the website as he is on the committee with the International and get some insight from him as to how to handle membership and other matters.

Annual Conference

Chris Woodall is working on venues / hotels / speakers and will do an electric vehicle focus as that was a lot of the feedback from the last conference.

Jerry Bach from Jensen-Hughes, a fire protection engineer, presented to Congress on electrical vehicles and has a wealth of knowledge and he also spoke at the L.A. Chapter.  Chris will have an extensive call with him next week about possibly speaking at our conference.  

Chris Woodall also called the NFPA concerning their electrical vehicle and fire presentation. 

Chris would like to have a live burn at the conference.

Kevin Lewis, an engineer with Jensen-Hughes, was involved with a Tesla vehicle fire and Chris Woodall would like him to present case studies.

The 921 and 1033 changes are not scheduled to come out until next year, but Jensen-Hughes has two people that are on both of those committees and will get with them concerning anything they can provide to Bill Cathcart so that Bill can present at the conference concerning the attorney viewpoint.  

Jonathan Wilk suggested going to the NFPA website and pulling up their minutes which might have information about those changes. 

The NFPA is trying to make the 921 and 1033 changes rotate on the same years and 1033 has significantly more changes than 921.

As for the order of presentation at the conference, we could do 921 changes, 1033 changes, and then Bill Cathcart can address the issues with these changes.

Chris Woodall went by the Hilton Garden Inn on I-35 as Sonnie Manghan’s ex-husband is the manager at this hotel and he is waiting for him to give Chris prices to block hotel rooms. 

 Neal Moore suggested that the number of nights not be part of a contract, but that we just guarantee so many rooms instead.  

Joe Elam said we could have the Edmond Fire Training Center for free if his guys could attend the conference for free.  

One issue with the venue is that vendor space will be limited but there is a break room off to the side for lunches.

Renee Southerland advised that AFR might be willing to sponsor a lunch or part of a lunch per Gina Coleman, and Rimkus might do the same through Cullen Fowler.

There is a pavilion outside of the facility to do mingling, but we cannot do hospitality with liquor because it is on City property.  

Todd DeSmet said he or Gina Coleman could find an electrical vehicle to burn or one that has been burned for display.

Chris Woodall and Jonathan advised they will get with a representative from a dealership to look for an electric vehicle for display purposes at the conference.

There was a discussion about the need for someone to talk about the safety of these EVs and case studies. 

Dave Hallman can speak regarding electrical vehicles as well as he has investigated many of these types of fires.  Chris will call he and Jerry Bach.  

Bill Hollander will get Albano to speak on mental health again.  

We need to figure out the Honor Guard / Colors presentation, and Neal Moore advised that the Edmond Fire Chief can do the opening and colors.

As for the email blast that will now be sent in March and not February, it will advise of the dates, electrical vehicle fires, 921 / 1033 upcoming changes / updates and how they will effect / impact fire investigators.  

Old Business

The 501(C)3 status with Chris was discussed and Neal Moore asked if we had ever received funds over $50,000, which we have not.  

Our 501(C)3 status was revoked in 2018 and for the three to four years prior to that no one ever sent in a post card to the Feds to keep it updated. 

Neal Moore believes we initially got the 501(C)3 in 2014 or 2015. 

Chris Woodall advised that one of the ladies at his wife’s CPA firm will update the post card for past years and get us caught up as she was able to obtain our information online concerning our organization.   Apparently, Dan Saltz was the prior accountant that helped with our organization, but Chris could not get in touch with him so she will handle it instead.

Chris is not sure what her charges will be, but Jonathan Wilk requested an outline of charges to keep us updated going forward.  

As for changing banks, Bill Hollander advised RCB has more locations, but David Van Buskirk was able to check about the fees with Arvest and they have no fees.  Both have mobile deposits.  It was decided to table the Arvest / RCB bank discussion until the next meeting

In the By-Laws it states that Second Vice should chair the Financial Committee, but this was requested to be tabled as well until the next meeting

Neal Moore advised the rest of the committees that are listed in the By-Laws are being handled by the Board as a whole and no motion is needed to table this type of discussion.

Everyone needs to pay their International dues of $100.00, if you have not already.

A discussion was had concerning an opinion being needed from Bill Cathcart if Neal can still be Treasurer after he retires and if can actively be on the Board and finish his term.  Renee will provide the By-Laws to Bill Cathcart and request a written opinion.

Jonathan Wilk advised he could fill the Treasurer spot if Neal could not, but Jonathan was not sure who would take his own place.  It was decided to table the discussion until receiving a legal decision from Bill Cathcart.

New Business

Neal Moore is retiring from the Stillwater Fire Department at the end of February and will have a retirement party on February 28, 2020, from 2:30 to 4:30 at the Stillwater Community Center. After his retirement, Neal’s new email will be, and his personal cell phone number remains the same, 405-880-2499.

A second person needs to be listed on the bank account and a discussion was had as to who would be the second signer.

The National Training Conference is April 26th thru May 1st and costs $850.00 a person.  A decision needs to be made as to who will be attended from our Board.  Bill Hollander wanted to go and Jeremy Robbins stated he was interested if Tim Reeves did not want to go, or if the Tribe would not pay for Tim to go.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be Thursday, March 26, 2020, at 10:00 a.m. at the Edmond Fire station, located at 5300 East Covell in Edmond.

21 Jan 2020

OKIAAI Board Minutes 1/21/20

Date: January 21, 2020
Time: 10:21 a.m.
Location: Oklahoma Farm Bureau / Tulsa, Oklahoma

Call to order by President

Made by President Bill Hollander.

Roll Call

Present: Bill Hollander (Pres.), David VanBuskirk (Past Pres.), Ashley Stephens (2nd VP), Fred Henderson (3rd Yr.), Tim Reeves (2nd Yr.), Todd DeSmet (2nd yr), (by phone), Jonathan Wilk (1st Yr.), Renee Southerland (Secretary)

Absent: Absent: Chris Woodall (1st VP), Jeremy Robbins (3rd yr), Jim Wilhelm (1st Yr.), Neal Moore (Treasurer)

Reading and Approval of Minutes

Ashley Stephens made the Motion to forego the reading of the Minutes from December 2019, seconded by Tim Reeves. Motion carried and approved.


No new memberships for December.

Treasurer’s Report

Bill Hollander called Neal Moore about needing a bank statement for the January meeting since Neal was going to be absent. Neal provided a bank statement which was passed out showing a balance of $17,076.23, which is an increase of $19.12 from last month’s balance of $17,057.11. A discussion was had about needing a monthly financial report to include outstanding checks that had not been deposited and any outstanding bills that are still owed. A Motion was made by David VanBuskirk to table the financial report until the next meeting when Neal could be present, seconded by Fred Henderson. Motion carried and approved.


No information for this month.


Dan VanBuskirk advised David VanBuskirk that in order to make really good changes to the website it would be several thousand dollars to fix the issues we have and a programmer would need to be hired. Dan can make certain changes to make our website run a bit smoother for this year and the upcoming conference by making some wording changes to help out Renee when she gets notified of new conference members or just those to renew their dues. Dan also advised if a programmer is used, there would be a yearly fee to keep the website upgraded and updated.

David VanBuskirk checked with the National organization and they stated if we were an “enhanced chapter” they would take care of all of our billing and registrations each year for $500.00. Scott advised David that they were having software issues and trying to fix those with their programmer, so they are not taking on any new Chapters as enhanced members at this time but hopefully they will in the next couple of months. If being an enhanced member would solve our registration problems, David suggested we needed to raise our dues from $20.00 to $25.00 to help cover the $500.00 cost. David will check with Scott at International about adding us to the list to be a future enhanced member. Jonathan Wilk questioned whether or not the increase in dues needed to be brought up at the annual conference meeting for a vote of the members. David advised the additional $5.00 can be voted on by the Board and then it is voted on at the annual conference, but we can have an additional discussion at the February meeting.

Old Business

Burn camp has not been paid yet as Neal was not present to write the check for $5,200.00. Discussion was had to provide that check by the next meeting, either by mail or in person, to the burn camp. Jonathan Wilk made a Motion to give the check to burn camp by the end of February, Tim Reeves seconded. Motion carried and approved.

David VanBuskirk indicated that Dan’s bill for work on the website from last September and October has still not been paid.

Renee paid to renew the post office box and needs to be reimbursed as well.

Tim Reeves requested a dollar amount for our give-aways for the next conference as Corbin with Ivars could help get promotional items monogrammed and labeled for our next conference. A discussion was had concerning a $40.00 to $60.00 amount and that any items given need to be good quality. Tim Reeves will look up items and provide information at the next meeting from a place that did the national conference. Ashley Stephens made a Motion to accept that amount range, Fred Henderson seconded. Motion carried and approved.

Brian Zalewski and Teeter both need a 3 XL on the promotional shirt that was given away at the conference. We did not have their size and Renee Southerland will order.

David VanBuskirk discussed the need per the By-laws to have a financial committee and handed out verbiage from the By-laws concerning how we are to handle this. If a member asks, we have no accountability right now and the By-laws state what we are to do, such as the Treasurer’s report, for example. When a Treasurer’s report is submitted it needs to be approved by the financial committee, and David is proposing the need for a Treasurer’s report each month.

Ashley Stephens and Jonathan Wilk stated Neal does give financial information, but if he is going to be absent we do need a more detailed report in writing concerning the checks that are outstanding and any bills that are due and any other financial information that needs to be provided.

Fred Henderson suggested providing Neal what financial information needs to be in writing if Neal is going to be absent from a board meeting.

Jonathan Wilk suggested changing banks with a remote deposit feature for checks. Bill Hollander stated he had already checked with RCB Bank and Arvest as they have branches all over the state and that RCB has mobile deposits. He will bring more information next meeting about them and Arvest.

David VanBuskirk will check with RCB to see if there is a fee to use them for mobile deposits and so forth.

Jonathan Wilk suggested Chris Woodall be on the bank account and not the 1st Vice.

Ashley Stephens took the checks that Renee received in December to deposit for Neal which included the following: 

  • Heather Cropper conference fees $200.00
  • Mike Hatchett/Stan Spradlin conference fees $380.00
  • Jeremy Robbins dues $20.00

Fred Henderson gave a disk of photographs to David VanBuskirk to give to Dan to put updated pictures from the conference on the website and to provide the International with the arson and accidental photo winners. (We only had two accidental winners)

Since Jeremy Robbins was absent, so it is unknown whether he has found out whether or not the Reed Center in Midwest City could be used for the 2020 conference.

Since Chris Woodall was absent, he sent an email prior to the meeting stating he had secured the Edmond Fire Training Center off Covell Road for this year’s conference, but at this time we do not have any speakers.

It was requested that a mini blast be sent out in February for just the date and location and then another blast can be sent in mid-summer with more details

New Business:


Next Meeting

Thursday, February 13, 2020, at 10:00 a.m. at the Farm Bureau Board Room in Stillwater, located at 4721 West 6th Avenue, Suite, 200.

David VanBuskirk made a Motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Jonathan Wilk. Motion carried and approved.

03 Dec 2019

OKIAAI Board Minutes 12-3-19

Date: December 3, 2019
Time: 10:07 a.m.
Location: FOP Lodge 123, Oklahoma City

Call to order by President

Made by President Bill Hollander

Roll Call

Present: Bill Hollander (Pres.), David VanBuskirk (Past Pres.), Chris Woodall (1st VP), Fred Henderson (3rd Yr.), Jeremy Robbins (3rd yr), Tim Reeves (2nd Yr.), Todd DeSmet (2nd yr), Jonathan Wilk (1st Yr.), Jim Wilhelm (1st Yr.), Renee Southerland (Secretary)
Absent: Ashley Stephens (2nd VP), Neal Moore (Treasurer)

Reading and Approval of Minutes

Chris Woodall made a Motion to forego reading of the October Minutes, seconded by David VanBuskirk, Motion carried and approved.


One new member, Lee Aston

Treasurer’s Report

  • Treasurer’s Report was provided by David VanBuskirk from communicating with Neal Moore.  The balance is $17,057.11, which will be decreased by $5,200 for the donation to burn camp.
  • A burn camp discussion was had about the amount being provided to burn camp and no Motion was made to approve. A Motion was made by Tim Reeves to table this discussion until the next meeting in January when Neal Moore could be present, seconded by Fred Henderson, motion carried and approved.
  • Renee Southerland also received $2,470.00 in checks that will need to be deposited which included the $1,000 donation provided by Bill Cathcart (for his office burn camp donation) and the remainder conference fees that have been paid late. There are still conference fees remaining to be paid and one Board Member’s dues remaining to be paid.

Annual Conference

  • The evaluations from the 2019 Conference were discussed.  Most everyone thought it was a “great” or “good” conference in relation to the location and speakers.  There were comments about not liking the cigarette smoke and some speakers tended to be repetitive and spent too much time on terminology, need it to be simplified.  They would also like handouts to supplement instructors’ presentations and for the instructors to walk around and interact with all students.
  • Speaker topics requested for next conference:  Case studies, more fire investigation related classes, cause and origin, vehicle fire investigations, electrical fires, insurance adjusters and claims explaining our relationship with them and how to get access to their information, how to interview and interrogate, fire pattern recognition, handwriting analysis expert, forensic handwriting examiner.
  • A discussion was had concerning the location of the next conference:  1) the FOP Lodge  ($2,200), or, 2) the Edmond Fire Training Grounds (free) as Chris Woodall can get that location, or, 3) The Reed Center in Midwest City which is apparently owned by the City of Midwest City, and Jeremy Robbins will check on the cost.  
  • Chris also knows the manager at the Hilton Hotel near the Edmond Fire Training Grounds and will check to see what kind of rate we can get for the members to stay there if the Edmond Fire Training Center is chosen. 
  • The possible topics discussed for the next conference by the Board were 1) vehicle fires, 2) 921 and 1033 updates (need Bill Cathcart to speak on this), 3) hands-on presentation of some kind, 4) mental health speaker.
  • The name of Stacy Stevens, mental health speaker, was given to Renee by Cullen Fowler of Rimkus.  Renee will get with Cullen concerning her contact information so that Bill Hollander can call her.  
  • Renee will call Dave Hallman to bring samples of evidence to surround the conference room as demonstrative aides for the conference and bring a 511 catalogue of ideas for giveaways at the next conference.
  • Cullen Fowler advised Renee he will see if Rimkus could sponsor lunch for $1500.
  • NEFCO advised they would do a membership for $300.
  • Gina Coleman with AFR is also checking to see if AFR can sponsor a lunch for $1500.  


Brian Zalewski and Bruce Swearengen received their CFI.  Tim Reeves, Jonathan Wilkes, and David VanBuskirk were identified at the last meeting as receiving their CFI.  


  • David VanBuskirk talked to Dan VanBuskirk concerning changes needed for the website when members pay for dues and for the conference, and Dan needs more specifics and a budget. Chris Woodall suggested that David look at other chapter’s websites and look at their payment platform and advise at next meeting.
  • Fred Henderson will give photographs that were taken at the last conference to David to give to Dan for the website so that we can keep updated photos in place.
  • Renee Southerland to provide Dan VanBuskirk the new conference dates to add to the website.
  • David VanBuskirk suggested putting a photo with the amount of the check given to burn camp on our website.

Old Business

  • Chris Woodall advised we needed to renew our 501(c)3 tax number in order to get better donations.  His wife works for an accountant and they can fix the issue.  Chris will call Heather Stanley to find out if a tax postcard was filed every year.  By the next meeting Chris will advise of the budget which should be about $400 a year to take care of that tax issue.  
  • Jeremy Robbins will check with his father-in-law who is a CPA as well to see what he would charge to do the tax card each year and he will send an email to everyone concerning the cost or advise at the next meeting. 

New Business

  • Bill Hollander has concerns that we need two people on the bank account in case Neal would not be able to provide information or make a payment when needed.  It was discussed that the First Vice needs a bank card so that it can be passed down each year to the next First Vice.  The First Vice can get to the bank account and print statements. 
  • The By-Laws state there should be a financial committee to give a monthly accounting at each meeting and to make changes is by a 2/3rd majority.  The By-Laws also state that the “Second Vice” is to be reviewing the bank statements each month, which in this case is Ashley Stephens, and he would be the head of the Finance Committee.  
  • It is not in the By-Laws, however, that a second person be on a bank card.  Chris Woodall stated it was a good idea, though, for the First Vice to be on the bank card.  David VanBuskirk and Tim Reeves will check into this with Neal Moore.  
  • It was suggested to start a By-Laws list to clarify and address past issues such as this.
  • It was announced that all members need to pay their International dues of $100.  

Next Meeting

Tuesday, January 21, 2020, at 10:00 a.m. at Oklahoma Farm Bureau in Tulsa.

A Motion to adjourn was made by Tim Reeves, seconded by Jeremy Robbins, Motion carried and approved.

25 Oct 2019

OKIAAI Board Minutes 10-25-19

Date: October 25, 2019
Time: 11:45 a.m.
Location: Hard Rock, Tulsa

Call to order by President

President Bill Hollander made the call to order.

Roll Call

Present: David VanBuskirk (Past Pres.), Bill Hollander (Pres.), Chris Woodall (1st VP), Ashley Stephens (21u1 VP), Fred Henderson (3rd Yr.), Jeremy Robbins (3rd yr), Tim Reeves (2nd Yr.), Todd Desmet (2nd yr), Jonathan Wilk (1st Yr.), Jim Wilhelm (1st Yr.), Renee Southerland (Secretary), Neal Moore (Treasurer)

Absent: None

Reading and Approval of Minutes

Ashley Stephens made the motion to forego the reading of the Minutes, Neal Moore seconded the Motion. Motion carried and approved.


28 new members. 111 attended the conference.

Treasurer’s Report

Conference membership fees: $20,050.00
Expenses: $16,062.00

Current Balance$22,000.00
Deposit to be made$7,143.00
Less Expenses-$16,062.00

After expenses balance will be approximately $15,000 per Neal Moore.

Burn camp funds raised during conference$2,000.00
Cathcart & Dooley Donation$1,000.00
TheWay Donation$1,000.00
Hugh Graham Donation$ 200.00
Total Burn Camp Funds Raised$4,200.00

Motion made by Jim Wilhelm to approve the Treasurer’s Report, seconded by Ashley Stephens. Motion carried and approved.

Motion by Neal More to add $1,000.00 additional dollars to burn camp from our funds, seconded by Jim Wilhelm. Motion carried and approved.

Annual Conference



Old Business



A Motion was made to destroy the ballots by Mark Mitchell, seconded by Jesse Benne. Motion carried and approved.

Next Meeting

Motion made by Neal Moore to close the meeting, seconded by Jim Wilhelm. Motion carried and approved.

02 Oct 2019

OKIAAI Board Minutes 10-2-19

Date: 10/2/19
Time: 10:00 a.m.
Location: Hard Rock Casino, Catoosa

Call to Order by President

President David VanBuskirk made the call to order.

Roll Call

Present: David VanBuskirk (Pres.), Bill Hollander (1st VP), Chris Woodall (2nd VP), Jim Wilhelm (3rd Yr.), Jonathan Wilk (3rd Yr.), Fred Henderson (2nd Yr.), Jeremy Robbins (2nd Yr.), Todd DeSmet (1st Yr.), Tim Reeves (1st Yr.), Neal Moore (Secretary Treasurer), and Renee Southerland (Executive Secretary).

Absent: Ashley Stephens (Past President), Jeremy Robbins (2nd year)

Reading and Approval of Minutes

Bill Hollander made the motion to forego the reading of the minutes from September. Seconded by Chris Woodall. Motion carried / approved.

New Membership

Will be determined after the conference is conducted.

Treasurer’s Report

Neal Moore has a balance of $15,431.69
Plus $600.00 (Vendors)
Plus $1,500.00 (Oklahoma Farm Bureau’s sponsor)
Plus $900.00 (NAFCO)
Available Balance: $18,431.69

Neal Moore has requested Bill Hollander to check to see who is getting the $900 NAFCO donation, whether it is our organization or Burn Camp, so that check will not be deposited until that has been determined. Fred Henderson made the motion to accept the balance, seconded by Tim Reeves, motion carried/approved.

Annual Conference

  • Mike McGee – will stay three nights
  • If vendors want to be on website, they need to send their logo
  • Make sure all speakers are confirmed
  • It is okay for Donnie Howard to attend all of the conference of the speaker
  • Add to the conference evaluation where they heard about the conference
  • It was discussed whether or not to go ahead and give the t-shirts to the attendees along with the duffle bag. It was voted on and the majority ruled to give the t-shirts out
  • It is okay to give the award check with the photo awards during the conference and not mail them out afterwards
  • An email will be sent out three days prior to the conference concerning the gun policy and that there is free valet parking
  • We advised Marianne 100 would attend the conference and to prepare for that amount for the food
  • Scott Rodgers will give a donation and Todd DeSmet will get the check from him
  • The day before the conference begins we need to organize a sack of thank you items for all of the vendors as well as the speakers
  • At the conference, every transaction needs to be done on square
  • Tim Reeves got a Pete Rose Baseball signed and is also providing a cornhole game to be raffled
  • As for the two prosecutors of the year – two designs were picked from the catalog for Renee Southerland to choose
  • As for a lifetime aware, it was voted on that Mark Mitchell would receive this. Chris Woodall made a motion to accept that nomination. Seconded by Fred Henderson, motion carried / approved
  • There needs to be a write-up for Mark Mitchell
  • We need two 3rds and a second Vice to run
  • For those attendees who also paid a membership fee on top of the conference fees, they will get a $20.00 bill refund at the conference
  • Photo awards were voted on and Jesse Benne received first place accidental and Travis Rider received second place for accidental.
  • Todd DeSmet will get the OID continuing education sign-in sheets
  • Ashley Stephens will get the sign-in sheets for CLEET and the Bar Association
  • Order long-sleeved shirts for day 2 of the conference with Midwest Trophy

A Motion was made conclude the meeting by Bill Hollander, seconded by Tim Reeves, motion carried / approved – no new meeting date set.

05 Sep 2019

OKIAAI Board Minutes 9-5-19

Date: 9/5/19
Time: 10:00 a.m.
Location: Hard Rock Casino, Catoosa

Call to order by President: David VanBuskirk made the call to order.

Roll Call:

Present: David VanBuskirk (Pres.) Chris Woodall (2nd VP), Jim Wilhelm (3rd Yr.), Jonathan Wilk (3rd Yr.), Fred Henderson (2nd Yr.), Jeremy Robbins (2nd Yr.), Todd DeSmet (1st Yr.), Neal Moore (Secretary Treasurer), Renee Southerland (Executive Secretary)

Absent: Ashley Stephens (Past President), Bill Hollander (1st VP), and Tim Reeves (1st Yr.)

Reading and Approval of Minutes:

Motion was made by Todd DeSmet and seconded by Jim Wilhelm to forego the reading of the Minutes. Motion carried / approved.

New Membership:

Treasurer’s Report:

Available Balance $12,490.34
Less $ 1,372.00 (remainder of shirt cost)
Less $ 1,000.00 (Magalassi)
Less $ 2,700.00 (Burn Camp)
Plus $ 300.00 (Rimkus vendor)
Less $ 660.00 (Hasty Bake reimbursement)
Less $ 150.00 (Dan VanBuskirk)
Remaining Future Balance $ 7,057.49

Annual Conference:

  • CLEET, ODI, and OBA hours have been approved for continuing education
  • We need the letter from Bill Hollander to go along with the Hard Rock certificate for the giveaway.
  • Farm Bureau has agreed to sponsor lunch on Wednesday the 23rdfor $1500.00. Mexican will be chosen. Renee to make a OKIAAI donation receipt after the check is written.
  • Burn Camp donation from 2018 will be given to the Burn Camp representative when they speak at the conference.
  • Investigator of the Year – Billy has three investigators with Canadian County District Attorney’s Office that will be nominated.
  • Lifetime member – No requests have been made yet.
  • Photo contest nomination – Need to judge at next meeting – have received one photo from Travis Rider due to lightning strike but wants it to be in the accidental category.
  • Todd DeSmet will use his scholarship for the Conference for David Massey with Farm Bureau.
  • Third Blast needs to be sent in September with weapon information and a map of the conference area.
  • Jonathan reached out to Blackmon Mooring and Firetroll about sponsor / vendor and to call Chris Woodall if they are interested.
  • David VanBuskirk will call Mary Ann Dunn with Hard Rock regarding the food being sponsored by Farm Bureau and to work out details concerning conference details about tables, audio video, time of arrival on Tuesday, etc. Mary Ann will need a “Banquet Event Order” filled out to detail what is needed and to add the ticket spinner as well.
  • It was discussed that Fred Henderson would speak with the security guy at the Hard Rock concerning the pre-authorization procedure for carrying service weapons during the conference, or the firearm not be brought at all, as the Hard Rock’s policy is no guns. If a service weapon does need to be brought to the conference then a weapon procedure with Hard Rock will need to be followed.
  • The conference room was reviewed again – might be issues with loud music and where to put the registration tables – that will be worked out with Mary Ann.
  • Todd announced that the Oklahoma Claims Association has an upcoming conference on Friday, September 20thand he is allowed to set up a booth free for OKIAAI. There will be a drawing from business cards to give away a free membership to the OKIAAI upcoming year. The conference is at the Reed Center in Midwest City from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. He is requesting that two members be present. Jonathan Wilk, Jim Wilhelm and Jeremy Robbins advised they might be able to attend. Chris Woodall will already be there with a booth. Renee will attend with Todd DeSmet and make a presentation board announcing the conference for the OKIAAI and can possibly print registrations from an iPad if anyone is interested in registering for the conference that day. Todd requested that the second email Blast and the agenda be sent to him so he could print those out for the conference.
  • Todd DeSmet advised since the Oklahoma Claims Association is giving us a booth free at their conference they, in turn, want a booth free at our OKIAAI conference. Motion was made by Neal Moore and seconded by Jeremy Robbins, motion carried / approved.
  • Marke from Hard Rock gave a printout of those who had registered at the hotel so far.
  • Chris Woodall has not received a response from Grace Industries for vendorship and a couple of others are up in the air.
  • Jim Wilhelm advised his Union in Cushing is going to provide a $500 donation.
  • Jeremy Robbins will call Blackmon Mooring.
  • While at the Board Meeting David VanBuskirk called Mary Ann after Marke left to clarify the food cost as if $1,000 is provided for food cost then our room cost is only $300 a day. This does not include audio-visual costs.
  • Neal Moore advised more sponsors are needed to defray the cost of the conference rooms.
  • Renee needs to get with Midwest Trophy concerning Lifetime Award member (if there is one), Investigator of the Year, and add the label to the plaque for the past President for 2019, David VanBuskirk.

Regional Conference: None

Nominating: None

Membership: Current membership count unknown.

CFI: Tim Reeves and David VanBuskirk passed the test. Jonathon Wilk took his test the morning of this meeting.

Website: Needs to be revised to distinguish between being a member only paying $20.00 and registering for the Conference which includes membership already. People have been paying for both and the additional $20.00 needs to be refunded to each.

Old Business:

New Business:

Next Meeting: Wednesday, October 2ndat 10:00 a.m. at the Hard Rock. Mary Ann and security personnel will attend this meeting but can only do so at 11:00 a.m.

A Motion was made by Jeremy Robbins to adjourn, seconded by Jim Wilhelm, motion carried / approved.

13 Aug 2019

OKIAAI Board Minutes 8-13-19

Time: 10:15 a.m.
Location: Cathcart & Dooley, Oklahoma City

Call to order by President: David VanBuskirk made the call to order.

Roll Call:

Present: Ashley Stephens (Past President), David VanBuskirk (Pres.) Bill Hollander (1st VP), Chris Woodall (2nd VP), Jim Wilhelm (3rd Yr.), Jonathan Wilk (3rd Yr.), Fred Henderson (2nd Yr.), Jeremy Robbins (2nd Yr.), Todd DeSmet (1st Yr.), Renee Southerland (Executive Secretary)

Absent: Neal Moore (Secretary Treasurer) and Tim Reeves (1st Yr.)

Reading and Approval of Minutes: Bill Hollander made the Motion to approve the July Minutes, seconded by Jeremy Robbins, motion carried and approved.

New Membership: Five paid for the conference/membership – no approval needed since they were past members.

Treasurer’s Report: Jeremy Robbins made the motion to postpone the Treasurer’s Report until the next meeting in September since Neal was absent. Seconded by Bill Hollander, motion carried and approved.

Annual Conference:

  • Everyone agreed to go ahead and add the new logo patch to the shirts that were ordered from Midwest Trophy for the conference.
  • CLEET CE, OBIC, and OBA CLE will be turned in to get the hours approved.
  • Bill Hollander advised that Donny Howard did not need a room and Jason Albano was told to get his own room and would be reimbursed.
  • Bill Hollander will get Marke to send a list of speaker rooms that have been registered so far.
  • Bill Hollander is still awaiting the Phillip 66 donation.
  • Chris Woodall said that Grace Industries wants to add a postcard to our registration table and will pay $200 to do this. Chris will get with her and advise that our sponsor fee is $300 and not $200.
  • Todd DeSmet suggested that Grace Industries donate $200 to Tulsa Pipe and Drum Corp instead of paying $300 since we need to pay $200 to the Pipe Corp anyway.
  • Jeremy Robbins is still trying to get two $75.00 gift cards from Walmart and will ask for them in August.
  • Fred Henderson and John have tried to get donations but have not been able to obtain anything as of yet.
  • David VanBuskirk will get three to four Head Country gift baskets and can also get big bottles of the BBQ sauce.
  • Bill Hollander will call Marke regarding the certificate that is needed from the Hard Rock for the giveaway.
  • Todd DeSmet will check with OID regarding check-in sheets.
  • Chris Woodall will check with OBA regarding check-in sheets.
  • Bill Hollander will check with Marke to make sure we can get in the conference room early on Tuesday before the conference starts.
  • As for monetary photo awards, a Motion was made by Jeremy Robbins to pay $50 for first place in each category and $25 for second place in each category. This was seconded by Neal, motion carried and approved. Dan will add this into the website.
  • We still need a lunch sponsor to help defray the cost of the conference room.
  • Rimkus is paying $300 for sponsorship and the check should be mailed by September 2nd.
  • David VanBuskirk suggested a $15 voucher to use to eat to go towards the conference fee amount.
  • Dan Van Buskirk’s invoice of $85.00 needs to be paid.
  • Chris Woodall needs to know how to do continuing education certificate with only a one-day attendance as well as making a certificate of attendance with tested on it.
  • David VanBuskirk to bring lanyards to next meeting for Renee Southerland.

Regional Conference: No information.

CFI: Jonathan Wilk and Tim Reeves will take their test in September.

Website: Dan will change the conference to be 65thinstead of 66thbased on past information reviewed on the thumb drive.

Old Business:

The burn camp funds from the prior conference of 2018 need to be provided to the burn camp sponsor. David VanBuskirk will call him and attempt to arrange for him to come to our September meeting and will ask the sponsor if they can put us on their website.

New Business:

Next Meeting: Thursday, September 5, 2019, 10:00 a.m. at Hard Rock to finalize conference information and review of facilities again and sort out any food details.

A Motion was made by Fred Henderson to adjourn, seconded by Chris Woodall, motion carried / approved.

07 May 2019

OKIAAI Board Minutes 5-7-19


Date: May 7, 2019
Time: 9:30 a.m.
Location: Cathcart & Dooley, 2807 Classen Boulevard, Oklahoma City, OK

Call to order by President: President David VanBuskirk made the call to order.

Roll Call:

Present: Ashley Stephens (Past President) David VanBuskirk (Pres.), Bill Hollander (1st VP), Chris Woodall (2nd VP), Fred Henderson (2nd year), Jeremy Robbins (2nd year), Todd DeSmet (1st Yr.), Tim Reeves (1st Yr.), Jim Wilhelm (3rd year), Neal Moore (Secretary Treasurer) Renee Southerland (Executive Secretary)

Not in Attendance: Jonathan Wilk (3rd yr)

Special Guest: None

Reading and Approval of Minutes: Motion made by Neal Moore to forego the reading of the prior Minutes, seconded by Ashley Stephens, motion carried/approved.

New Membership: None

Treasurer’s Report: Neal Moore advised $17,249.27 is our current balance. Deposits were made from matching burn camp funds. Motion made by Tim Reeves to approve bank account balance, seconded by Bill Hollander. Motion carried / approved.

Secretary’s Report: None

Committee Reports: None

Annual Conference:

  • Bill Hollander – Discussed that Dave Walker would not return his phone calls, Donnie Howard could speak for four to eight hours about forensic fire deaths, and the burn camp speaker could speak for one hour. Bill requested that the Tulsa Fire Chief or the Mayor of Tulsa do the welcoming and that either Bartlesville Honor Guard or Tulsa Police Department bring the bag pipes. Ashley will check with the Honor Guard, the Tulsa Police Department and check with the Fire Chief for the opening remarks. In this order it will be: Opening Ceremonies, Opening Speaker, and then the Burn Camp Speaker.
  • Todd DeSmet – Todd has confirmed Mark Wenthold from the NICV to speak on equipment theft / fire and auto theft, and he will also have VIN decoding books that he can pass out. He has also confirmed Mike McGee from EFI to speak on Infotainment Center in vehicles, which is what information you can obtain from Bluetooth in vehicles.
  • David Vanbuskirk – David will check with Terri Crawford of the OSBI as a back-up speaker possibly Friday. Dr. Albano will be speaking on a mental health topic.
  • Renee Southerland – Renee has confirmed Harvey Pratt to speak on forensic art.

* * *

A discussion was had about the initial contract given by the Hard Rock to Bill Hollander. Bill and David will be meeting with the Hard Rock on Friday, May 10thto negotiate the following items in the contract:

  • Negotiate a later date than October 1stto book rooms
  • Need a check out time of Noon instead of 11:00 a.m.
  • Need water provided
  • Need to negotiate a lesser amount of rooms than 183

Ashley made the Motion for David and Bill to negotiate these items with the Hard Rock, and if they could not be negotiated to sign the contract as it was. Seconded by Neal. Motion carried / approved.

Bill also advised the Hardrock is providing a hospitality room off of Bill Hollander’s room that the Board can use to meet during the conference if needed.

It was also decided that once the agenda was nailed down for the conference that all presentation material by the speakers would need to be provided by July 1, 2019. We would need a PowerPoint file, slides, handouts, biographies and anything else they would reference.

Regional Conference: Tim Reeves went and said vendors were local from the area, discussion about the speakers was had, as well as how they traded challenge coins.

Nominating: No information

Membership: Current membership count – 85 attended the last conference in 2018.

CFI: Tim Reeves received CFI.

Website: We need Dan to make additional changes to the website as follows:

  • Add Jacob Stangl as receiving second place / accidental and photo
  • Update the fees on the website for attending the conference as they increased $10.00 per day
  • Add conference information once it is confirmed with David VanBuskirk and Bill Hollander meeting with the Hard Rock representative on May 10th
  • Minutes from November 2018 to the present need to be added
  • Add new photographs to the website for a more dynamic look

Old Business:

  • Will send email blast out about the conference by mid-May which would include the location, conference dates, reserving your room, and that the conference would be for fire service / law enforcement / investigators / insurance industries / prosecutors and to also list our website.
  • Will decide at the next meeting in June what items / clothing to potentially order for the annual conference
  • The Secretary / Treasurer language for each of those respective positions was agreed upon by the board. A Motion was made by Tim Reeves to accept the new language prepared by David VanBuskirk, seconded by Jim Robbins. Motion carried / approved.

New Business:

  • We need to check with 511 and compare their prices to what Midwest Trophy’s prices are on the apparel and items they have provided complementary to our Board so that we can get the items on order by June for the conference.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, June 11, 2019, at 9:30 a.m. at the Tulsa Farm Bureau Office.

Motion made by Ashley Stephens to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Neal Moore. Motion carried / approved.