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13 Aug 2019

OKIAAI Board Minutes 8-13-19

Time: 10:15 a.m.
Location: Cathcart & Dooley, Oklahoma City

Call to order by President: David VanBuskirk made the call to order.

Roll Call:

Present: Ashley Stephens (Past President), David VanBuskirk (Pres.) Bill Hollander (1st VP), Chris Woodall (2nd VP), Jim Wilhelm (3rd Yr.), Jonathan Wilk (3rd Yr.), Fred Henderson (2nd Yr.), Jeremy Robbins (2nd Yr.), Todd DeSmet (1st Yr.), Renee Southerland (Executive Secretary)

Absent: Neal Moore (Secretary Treasurer) and Tim Reeves (1st Yr.)

Reading and Approval of Minutes: Bill Hollander made the Motion to approve the July Minutes, seconded by Jeremy Robbins, motion carried and approved.

New Membership: Five paid for the conference/membership – no approval needed since they were past members.

Treasurer’s Report: Jeremy Robbins made the motion to postpone the Treasurer’s Report until the next meeting in September since Neal was absent. Seconded by Bill Hollander, motion carried and approved.

Annual Conference:

  • Everyone agreed to go ahead and add the new logo patch to the shirts that were ordered from Midwest Trophy for the conference.
  • CLEET CE, OBIC, and OBA CLE will be turned in to get the hours approved.
  • Bill Hollander advised that Donny Howard did not need a room and Jason Albano was told to get his own room and would be reimbursed.
  • Bill Hollander will get Marke to send a list of speaker rooms that have been registered so far.
  • Bill Hollander is still awaiting the Phillip 66 donation.
  • Chris Woodall said that Grace Industries wants to add a postcard to our registration table and will pay $200 to do this. Chris will get with her and advise that our sponsor fee is $300 and not $200.
  • Todd DeSmet suggested that Grace Industries donate $200 to Tulsa Pipe and Drum Corp instead of paying $300 since we need to pay $200 to the Pipe Corp anyway.
  • Jeremy Robbins is still trying to get two $75.00 gift cards from Walmart and will ask for them in August.
  • Fred Henderson and John have tried to get donations but have not been able to obtain anything as of yet.
  • David VanBuskirk will get three to four Head Country gift baskets and can also get big bottles of the BBQ sauce.
  • Bill Hollander will call Marke regarding the certificate that is needed from the Hard Rock for the giveaway.
  • Todd DeSmet will check with OID regarding check-in sheets.
  • Chris Woodall will check with OBA regarding check-in sheets.
  • Bill Hollander will check with Marke to make sure we can get in the conference room early on Tuesday before the conference starts.
  • As for monetary photo awards, a Motion was made by Jeremy Robbins to pay $50 for first place in each category and $25 for second place in each category. This was seconded by Neal, motion carried and approved. Dan will add this into the website.
  • We still need a lunch sponsor to help defray the cost of the conference room.
  • Rimkus is paying $300 for sponsorship and the check should be mailed by September 2nd.
  • David VanBuskirk suggested a $15 voucher to use to eat to go towards the conference fee amount.
  • Dan Van Buskirk’s invoice of $85.00 needs to be paid.
  • Chris Woodall needs to know how to do continuing education certificate with only a one-day attendance as well as making a certificate of attendance with tested on it.
  • David VanBuskirk to bring lanyards to next meeting for Renee Southerland.

Regional Conference: No information.

CFI: Jonathan Wilk and Tim Reeves will take their test in September.

Website: Dan will change the conference to be 65thinstead of 66thbased on past information reviewed on the thumb drive.

Old Business:

The burn camp funds from the prior conference of 2018 need to be provided to the burn camp sponsor. David VanBuskirk will call him and attempt to arrange for him to come to our September meeting and will ask the sponsor if they can put us on their website.

New Business:

Next Meeting: Thursday, September 5, 2019, 10:00 a.m. at Hard Rock to finalize conference information and review of facilities again and sort out any food details.

A Motion was made by Fred Henderson to adjourn, seconded by Chris Woodall, motion carried / approved.

07 May 2019

OKIAAI Board Minutes 5-7-19


Date: May 7, 2019
Time: 9:30 a.m.
Location: Cathcart & Dooley, 2807 Classen Boulevard, Oklahoma City, OK

Call to order by President: President David VanBuskirk made the call to order.

Roll Call:

Present: Ashley Stephens (Past President) David VanBuskirk (Pres.), Bill Hollander (1st VP), Chris Woodall (2nd VP), Fred Henderson (2nd year), Jeremy Robbins (2nd year), Todd DeSmet (1st Yr.), Tim Reeves (1st Yr.), Jim Wilhelm (3rd year), Neal Moore (Secretary Treasurer) Renee Southerland (Executive Secretary)

Not in Attendance: Jonathan Wilk (3rd yr)

Special Guest: None

Reading and Approval of Minutes: Motion made by Neal Moore to forego the reading of the prior Minutes, seconded by Ashley Stephens, motion carried/approved.

New Membership: None

Treasurer’s Report: Neal Moore advised $17,249.27 is our current balance. Deposits were made from matching burn camp funds. Motion made by Tim Reeves to approve bank account balance, seconded by Bill Hollander. Motion carried / approved.

Secretary’s Report: None

Committee Reports: None

Annual Conference:

  • Bill Hollander – Discussed that Dave Walker would not return his phone calls, Donnie Howard could speak for four to eight hours about forensic fire deaths, and the burn camp speaker could speak for one hour. Bill requested that the Tulsa Fire Chief or the Mayor of Tulsa do the welcoming and that either Bartlesville Honor Guard or Tulsa Police Department bring the bag pipes. Ashley will check with the Honor Guard, the Tulsa Police Department and check with the Fire Chief for the opening remarks. In this order it will be: Opening Ceremonies, Opening Speaker, and then the Burn Camp Speaker.
  • Todd DeSmet – Todd has confirmed Mark Wenthold from the NICV to speak on equipment theft / fire and auto theft, and he will also have VIN decoding books that he can pass out. He has also confirmed Mike McGee from EFI to speak on Infotainment Center in vehicles, which is what information you can obtain from Bluetooth in vehicles.
  • David Vanbuskirk – David will check with Terri Crawford of the OSBI as a back-up speaker possibly Friday. Dr. Albano will be speaking on a mental health topic.
  • Renee Southerland – Renee has confirmed Harvey Pratt to speak on forensic art.

* * *

A discussion was had about the initial contract given by the Hard Rock to Bill Hollander. Bill and David will be meeting with the Hard Rock on Friday, May 10thto negotiate the following items in the contract:

  • Negotiate a later date than October 1stto book rooms
  • Need a check out time of Noon instead of 11:00 a.m.
  • Need water provided
  • Need to negotiate a lesser amount of rooms than 183

Ashley made the Motion for David and Bill to negotiate these items with the Hard Rock, and if they could not be negotiated to sign the contract as it was. Seconded by Neal. Motion carried / approved.

Bill also advised the Hardrock is providing a hospitality room off of Bill Hollander’s room that the Board can use to meet during the conference if needed.

It was also decided that once the agenda was nailed down for the conference that all presentation material by the speakers would need to be provided by July 1, 2019. We would need a PowerPoint file, slides, handouts, biographies and anything else they would reference.

Regional Conference: Tim Reeves went and said vendors were local from the area, discussion about the speakers was had, as well as how they traded challenge coins.

Nominating: No information

Membership: Current membership count – 85 attended the last conference in 2018.

CFI: Tim Reeves received CFI.

Website: We need Dan to make additional changes to the website as follows:

  • Add Jacob Stangl as receiving second place / accidental and photo
  • Update the fees on the website for attending the conference as they increased $10.00 per day
  • Add conference information once it is confirmed with David VanBuskirk and Bill Hollander meeting with the Hard Rock representative on May 10th
  • Minutes from November 2018 to the present need to be added
  • Add new photographs to the website for a more dynamic look

Old Business:

  • Will send email blast out about the conference by mid-May which would include the location, conference dates, reserving your room, and that the conference would be for fire service / law enforcement / investigators / insurance industries / prosecutors and to also list our website.
  • Will decide at the next meeting in June what items / clothing to potentially order for the annual conference
  • The Secretary / Treasurer language for each of those respective positions was agreed upon by the board. A Motion was made by Tim Reeves to accept the new language prepared by David VanBuskirk, seconded by Jim Robbins. Motion carried / approved.

New Business:

  • We need to check with 511 and compare their prices to what Midwest Trophy’s prices are on the apparel and items they have provided complementary to our Board so that we can get the items on order by June for the conference.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, June 11, 2019, at 9:30 a.m. at the Tulsa Farm Bureau Office.

Motion made by Ashley Stephens to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Neal Moore. Motion carried / approved.

26 Mar 2019

OKIAAI Board Minutes 3-26-19

Date: March 26, 2019
Time: 9:33am
Location: Oklahoma Farm Bureau, 10777 South Memorial Drive, Tulsa, OK

Call to Order: President David VanBuskirk made the call to order.

Roll Call:

Present: Ashley Stephens (Past President) David VanBuskirk (Pres.), Bill Hollander (1stVP), Chris Woodall (2ndVP), Jonathan Wilk (3rdyr), Todd DeSmet (1stYr.), Tim Reeves (1stYr.), Neal Moore (Secretary Treasurer) Renee Southerland (Executive Secretary)

Not in Attendance: Jim Wilhelm (3rdyear), Fred Henderson (2ndyear), Jeremy Robbins (2ndyear)

Special Guest: None

Reading and Approval of Minutes: Neal suggested to add in who was not present at the next Minutes. Ashley Stephens made the motion to approve the February Minutes, seconded by Tim Reeves. Motion carried / approved.  

New Membership:  None 

Treasurer’s Report: Neal Moore advised $16,189.27 is our current balance, but he has yet to make two deposits.  Motion made by Ashley Stephens to approve bank account balance, seconded by Chris Woodall, motion carried / approved.  

Secretary’s Report: None 

Committee Reports: None

Annual Conference:

Bill Hollander has calls into Albanco and Donnie Howard regarding speaking on forensic fire deaths.  He and Tim Reeves went to a few places, Double Tree in downtown Tulsa, the Hard Rock, and Embassy Suites.  All are somewhat comparable but have pros and cons.  Will send an email with further information to vote on.  

Jonathan Wilk called TCC and it is $200 a day for the conference room which includes audio visual, but you would have to coordinate with Tulsa Fire Training to do a burn.  He is waiting on additional information, but a hotel would not be needed since the conference would be at TCC.  

Todd Desmet confirmed that Mark Winthold can speak for two hours and Mike McGee can speak for two to four hours on Infotainment Center on a vehicle.  We would need to provide his travel expenses only. Todd Desmet did try to reach out to Sticks Larsen but not return call yet.  Ashley Stephens will contact him and see if he will speak one to two hours. 

Bill Hollander has not yet called Dave Walker, but he would need to be advised on what he would speak about from a homicide standpoint and how to share information back and forth.  We would need him for one hour.  

David VanBuskirk advised Barry will speak and needs ideas and we will send him ideas, but Barry needs to commit for at least 8 hours.  David also called another lady at the OSBI for logistics and cell phone pings and cell phone tower language who could speak for approximately two hours.  

Renee Southerland contacted Harvey Pratt for a one to two hour slot, but he needs to know which day because he has other commitments with the Smithsonian.  

Jonathan Wilk suggested contacting Miles King with OSBI that has information on drones.  

Neal Moore suggested contacting a marijuana speaker about fires in grow facilities.  

Ashley Stephens will call agents at ATF in Colorado to come speak.  

* * *

By the next Board meeting we need to decide where the conference will be. Bill Hollander advised that Scotty is not in charge of the burn camp and need the name of that new person at the next meeting.  

Regional Conference: A question was asked if OKIAAI needed to get involved to sponsor.

Nominating: None

Membership: Current membership count – 85 attended the last conference in 2018.

CFI: Mike Schatz got CFI after the last OKIAAI conference.  


Old Business:

  1. Midwest Trophy Shirts: The Board will decide two to three months before the conference as to what items to order to give away for those attending the conference.
  2. Photo Award Checks: Received by Neal and will send out to award recipients, Stangl and Zalewski.
  3. Website Invoices: Will pay.
  4. IAAI Conference Registration: Chris Woodall will go and we will reimburse expenses / Tim Reeves is going and is sponsored by the Tribe.
  5. Gift Card: $100 was paid by Neal Moore to Renee Southerland for Janice Menser=s gift card.
  6. Insurance Credits from OBA: Not resolved yet. David VanBuskirk has reached out to Vandola.  For this year going forward Chris Woodall will handle OBA and Ashley Stephens will handle CLEET and Todd Desmet will hand the Insurance Commissioner for credits.

New Business

  1. Flyer: Tim Reeves started a flyer for non-profit. The handout was passed out, can use it when asking for donations.  Tim will send to the Board after Billy Magalassi fund is added.
  2. Discuss and vote on new Secretary and Treasurer language: David VanBuskirk will have to change the language for it to be Secretary only and Treasurer only.  David will make changes and submit regarding Section 6 and Section 7.
  3. Vote on Approval for SSL website change: The website was cleaned up by Dan VanBuskirk because it was hacked.  David suggested for his brother, Dan VanBuskirk, to maintain the computer website with SSL security and for continuing maintenance by Dan at $85.00 an hour.  Motion made by Bill Hollander to accept this, Neal Moore seconded, Motion carried and approved.
  4. New plaque from Midwest Trophy: Will be done by next meeting.
  5. IAAI Invoices by International: David VanBuskirk checking on how the International is coming along with their new system to do invoicing for State Chapters.
  6. Email Blast: Will be adding Department of Insurance Adjusters=emails during the month of April and then can send out email blast at the end of April or into May for the next Chapter meeting in October.
  7. Annual Conference Fee: It was suggested by Renee Southerland to increase the conference fee since the amount that was on the website versus the amount that was on the past billings were different. A discussion was made to increase the conference by $10.00 for each day.  David VanBuskirk will check again about payments being made online, even though we are supposed to approve each member, but we might could accept payment and then refund if we do not want to approve them.
  8. Conference Information: Bill Hollander wanted to know how to stay active with Rimkus since Chris Woodall no longer works there so that we can get a sponsorship from them during the next conference.

Next Meeting:

Tuesday, May 7, 2019, at 10:00 a.m. at Cathcart & Dooley, 2807 North Classen Boulevard, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 

Motion made by Bill Hollander to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Ashley Stephens. Motion carried.

19 Feb 2019

OKIAAI Board Minutes 2-19-19

Date: February 19, 2019
Time: 11:00 a.m.
Location: Oklahoma Farm Bureau, 10777 South Memorial Drive, Tulsa, OK

Call to order by President: President David VanBuskirk made the call to order.

Roll Call: The following were present:David VanBuskirk (Pres.), Bill Hollander (1stVP), Jonathan Wilk (3rdyr), Fred Henderson (2ndYr.), Todd DeSmet (1stYr.), Tim Reeves (1stYr.), Renee Southerland (Executive Secretary)

Special Guest: None

Reading and Approval of Minutes: Tim Reeves made the motion to accept the Minutes from January 2019, seconded by Bill Hollander, approved unanimously, motion passed.

New Membership: Unknown at this time as the 2018 Conference spreadsheet needs to be compared with past members spreadsheets to determine the new members and what their member numbers will be.

Secretary/Treasurer’s Report: Neal Moore provided the present balance to David Vanbuskirk: $17,165.23 in the account. Motion to approve was made to accept the balance by Jonathan Wilk, seconded by Fred Henderson, approved unanimously, motion passed.

Scott Crow contacted Renee Southerland to get his member number, however, no member numbers were given at the 2018 conference for the new attendees. She will be matching up any new members, compared to old spreadsheet member and then new member numbers will need to be decided upon for those individuals. That can be discussed at the March meeting.

Committee Reports: None

Annual Conference:

  1. Establish dates – David VanBuskirk updated the website with information coming soon about the conference which has tentatively been scheduled for October 23rdthrough 25th.
  2. Location – It was discussed about the possibility for the conference to be at Camp Gruber near Muskogee in order to do the post-blast conference, however, after much discussion about the length of the time of this type of conference it was decided to scratch the post-blast idea and have speakers at the conference instead. Todd Desmet suggested a digital/electronic=s theme. The following was discussed as to who would call whom to try to get speakers:
  3. Todd Desmet – will call Mike McGee with Unified (as he is a forensic lock expert), Michael Manni with Capital Investigating, and Mark Wenthold with NICB out of Pennsylvania.
  4. David VanBuskirk will call Barry Graham, Arson Investigator with ATF, and will call one of the analysts with the OSBI concerning GPS positioning. It was also suggested to have someone speak about drone and CSI reconstruction with GPS.
  5. Renee Southerland will contact Harvey Pratt who is a retired OSBI forensic artist.
  6. Bill Hollander will contact Dr. Bill Albanco, a Chemical Neuro Psychologist.
  7. Jonathan Wilk will contact the State Insurance Commissioner=s office as he has a contact with someone who could speak at the conference.
  8. Bill Hollander will contact Dave Walker with homicide at Tulsa Police Department
  9. Todd ? – (Forgive me, I cannot remember who suggested this) – will contact Sticks Larson of the Gang Unit (who does Live PD) for Tulsa Police Department
  10. Todd Desmet suggested adding our website link to the IAISU website link so that they could have access to conference information. He also suggested we get the email list from the State Insurance Commissioner=s office of all of the adjusters to add to the email blast list.
  11. As for the Conference, Bill Hollander will check with River Spirit Casino in Tulsa for the cost to have our conference there and any rate reduction in the rooms.
  12. David VanBuskirk will check with the Osage Casino for the same thing. Jonathan Wilk will check with Tulsa Community College concerning their facilities for the conference as they also have a cafeteria and next door is the Tulsa Fire training ground which a car could be burned there if decided.
  13. Conference survey – N/A

Regional Conference: Ashley might do a post blast seminar.

Nominating: N/A

Membership: Current membership count – 85 attended the last conference in October 2018.

CFI: No information provided


  1. Updates made – Updates were made to the home page and info re: the Board members.
  2. Updates still needed in other areas.
  3. Website platform update from Dan VanBuskirk- Need Dan to revise the platform with the website which will take 3 to 4 hours and approximately $300 to $400. A motion was made by Fred Henderson for Dan to fix the platform with a budget of up to $500.00, seconded by Tim Reeves, approved unanimously, motion passed.
  4. Conference website updates will be added.

Old Business:

  1. Membership renewal, November 1st– It was decided that membership renewal would begin November 1stthrough October 31stof the following year, or at the Conference if that is when membership is paid.
  2. Select 2 delegates for the International IAAI – Tim Reeves will be going, but one more delegate needs to go. If you are interested, let David VanBuskirk know.
  3. Photo award money – The first and second place awards information was given to David VanBuskirk to discuss with Neal Moore about the photo award money needing to be sent to Stangl & Zalewski. Neal Moore will supply the amount for the burn camp that Cathcart & Dooley needs to match. (He later did and it was $900). Cathcart & Dooley will be requested to send funds to match the amount.
  4. Past President plaque– It was decided upon to take the plaque back to Midwest Trophy to have them re-laser all of the other past labels to the present laser font they had used for this past year so it would all look the same. Marci Straw, with Midwest Trophy, advised they would do this for free since the last plate had been done by laser and not by etching as all of the past plates were done. (This plaque was taken to Midwest Trophy on Friday morning, February 22, 2019.)
  5. CLE Credits– David VanBuskirk has texted Jeff VanDolah concerning the status of getting the 2018 conference credits approved by the OBA for the lawyers that attended.

New Business:

  1. There is a Vance AFB firefighter who wanted more information regarding the Conference and the National Fire Accreditation and Ashley Stephens is responding to him.
  2. It was discussed for a $100 gift card to gift to Janice Menser for preparing the email blast list of the fire departments in Oklahoma. This motion was made by Fred Henderson and seconded by Todd Desmet. The motion was approved.
  3. Items (T-shirts, ball cap, bags, etc.) were brought by Renee Southerland that were donated by Midwest Trophy (with the OKIAAI) logo to be purchased for the upcoming conference. It was discussed that since not all members of the Board were present that we would bring back those items next Board meeting to discuss once again.
  4. As for donations, Tim Reeves (?) now has a football with the Heisman Award Winners=signature and trying to get Coach Switzer to give two tickets to a football game.
  5. Bill Hollander suggested putting an article and conference information in the OSFA newspaper.
  6. Motion to adjourn made by Bill Hollander, seconded by Todd Desmet. Meeting adjourned.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, March 26, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. at Tulsa Farm Bureau, 10777 South Memorial Drive, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

15 Jan 2019

OKIAAI Board Minutes 1-15-2019

Date: 1/15/2019
Time: 10:00 a.m.
Location: Cathcart & Dooley, 2807 Classen Boulevard, Oklahoma City, OK 73106

Call to order by President: President David VanBuskirk made the call to order.

Roll Call: Ashley Stephens (Past Pres.) (Absent), David VanBuskirk (Pres.), Bill Hollander (1stVP), Chris Woodall (2ndVP, Jim Wilhelm (3rdYear) Jonathan Wilk (3rdYear) (Absent), Fred Henderson (2ndYear), Jeremy Robbins (2ndyear), Todd Desmet (1stYear), Tim Reeves (1stYear), Renee Southerland (Executive Secretary), Neal Moore (Secretary/Treasurer) (Absent)

Special Guest: None

Reading and Approval of Minutes: Chris Woodall made the Motion to forego the reading of the Minutes from November 2018, seconded by Fred Henderson, approved unanimously. Motion carried.

New Membership: Neil will advise by email who the new members are from the last conference. There were four memberships requested by email in 2018 that had not been responded to during that time. There was a Motion from Bill Hollander to approve the four pending memberships, seconded by Tim Reeves, approved. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: Neil will email a report.

Committee Reports: None

Annual Conference: It was discussed that the annual conference be Afour days@instead of three days which would either begin on Monday, October 21, 2019, or Tuesday, October 22, 2019. This will depend on Ashley’s schedule as he advised he needed four days for a post-blast analysis conference. Still a possibility for it to be three days. Todd and Bill will go to the salvage yard (Manheim) in Sapulpa to inspect their facilities for this conference. Depending on their availability to host the conference, then Bill will check with River Spirit Casino. Possible issues with the conference being at a casino and then another location would need to be determined.

David will check with Survey Monkey to send out survey questions about doing the conference at a casino and doing a four-day conference versus a three-day conference and will advise concerning Survey Monkey at the meeting in February.

Bill Hollander reached out to the burn camp and they can do a one-hour presentation at the conference.

Per Chris, we need a PowerPoint and agenda to give to Todd so that the Oklahoma Insurance Department can have it and approve it for continuing education. The deadline is August 1stto get that to OID.

It was discussed to get the new list of fire departments from Maddy at the State Fire Marshal’s Office as that list might possibly have email addresses for those departments to use in the email blast. (Have since received list from Maddy).

Bill also suggested putting our conference information in the OSFFA publication and would call concerning the cost.

Regional Conference: None

Nominating: None

Membership: Neal will have the current membership count. There was also discussion how to charge for membership this year such as pend any email requests until August and send an email in August to bill everyone for the conference amount and/or membership amount.

CFI: David is working with Jeff Vandolah concerning the Oklahoma Bar Association credits for the attorneys that attended.

Website: David has spoken with his brother about updating the website with the following information:

  • Adding Minutes monthly
  • Conference information for 2019
  • New P.O. Box address
  • Photograph award winners and of photographs
  • Taking out the monetary award for the photograph for the photography awards
  • Change background picture
    Photography deadline of September 1stand Investigator of the Year deadline of October 1st

Report from Executive Secretary: None

Report from Secretary/Treasurer: None

Old Business: Photo award money needs to be paid to the award recipients for 2018. David will tell Neal to send them $50.00 each.

New Business: The 501(c)(3) letter was requested to be sent to everyone as all board members need to get donations for the conference this year.

International conference is April 15ththrough 19thin Jacksonville, Florida. David would like to go and one other. If interested, let him know by email.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, February 19, 2019, at 11:00 a.m., Farm Bureau Office, 10777 South Memorial Drive (go in the legal door on the south side and straight back to the board room). Pizza will be served (thank you Todd!).